Great Prescription Sunglasses for Small Faces

Leading eyeglass manufacturers have upgraded styles giving smaller faces more options. There has never before been more fashion choices in women’s sunglasses for petite faces. For smaller people who have been dissatisfied with over-sized lenses, earpieces that were simply too long and frames that were always a bit too wide, selections are available to solve those problems. No longer do you have to settle for eyewear that just doesn’t fit right.

Knowing what to look for is key to selecting the right shape, style and frame to fit a smaller face and head. Sunglass shoppers should look for narrow fit eyewear with a lens diameter of less than 50mm. When comparing frames, measurements appear as three numbers separated by hyphens, the first number indicating the diameter of a single lens.

Sporty Style

Wiley X AirRage is a wraparound style designed specifically for a narrow fit. This style is available in a variety of lens finishes: smoke grey, mirrored, polarized, etc.

Wiley X Saber Advanced is a semi-rimless, wraparound ballistics style frame. Featuring interchangeable lenses, the temples of the eyewear are also adjustable to customize length and fit making this another option for those who need a smaller fit.

Wiley X Talon Advanced is a fully adjustable semi-rimless frame. Temples and nose bridge fit can be customized for any facial measurement or shape.

Traditional & Glam

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer is, perhaps, the most classic sunglass fashion that looks good on just about everyone. This eyewear is available with a frame option that is scaled just for smaller faces.

Ray Ban Clubmaster is another retro style suited for a narrow face featuring curved lines in metal or plastic frames.

Carrera 123/S is a full rim frame that has a bit of classic cat-eye feel to its oval lens shape. With a 49mm lens diameter it is perfect for a feminine look and comes in eight different frame colors.

Fossil 2026/P/S is a glamorous oversized style scaled to fit petites. It comes in classic black or you can make a statement with a faux tortoiseshell or peach hued opalescent effect.

Fitover Frames

JP Aria, JP Glides, JP Razor and JP Binya are all designed for smaller frames of prescription eyewear that require fitover sunglass protection. Petite prescription eyeglass wearers should opt for these designs that meet the needs of their smaller frame dimensions. This style is available in a variety of lens shades and frame colors with the added benefit of full UV protection and polarized lenses.

Tactical & Goggles

Smith Optics Hudson Tactical delivers maximum impact protection along with 100% protection from harmful UV rays designed with a small fit. This design has traditional sport appeal featuring a black frame and grey tinted lens. It’s a classic look for serious sports enthusiasts.

ESS Asian-Fit Striker is a goggle offering the perfect fit for petite measurements. The lens has a flatter curve which reduces viewing distortion. Meeting military specifications for safety, whatever sport you engage in you can get complete UV protection as well as superior impact protection.

Don’t settle or compromise when it comes to safety and protection for your eyes. Eyewear that is less than comfortable or fashionably questionable is eyewear that often gets left behind. For special needs of petite consumers, let a professional help you select the perfect frame that will provide an optimum fit for quality wear and maximum protection.

Please contact us. Our skilled professionals have the experience to know which designers offer the product you are looking for with the quality you need. As a leader in the eyewear industry, we have all the top brands available at the most competitive prices. We can meet your specialty petite eyewear needs whether they are regular sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. So chat with one of our representatives today who will be happy to answer your questions about eyewear fashions designed specifically to meet petite fit standards.

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