What glasses to wear when sun gazing

Doctors say that looking at the sun can harm your eyes and to always protect your eyes from the sun whenever you are outside.  However, most people enjoy sun gazing, so how can they protect their eyes and still enjoy looking at the sun?  At www.Rx-Safety.com we offer glasses that allows you to look at the sun while protecting your eyes; Solar Eclipse Glasses with Shade 14 lenses.

Sun Gazing is an ancient therapy in which people stare at the sun for nourishment or a spiritual practice usually during sunrise and sunset.  Sun Gazing is also known as “sun eating” because many believe that by staring at the sun one can obtain the nourishment of the rays and “run on” the energy given to them from the sun.

Whatever one’s beliefs may be, protecting your eyes is very important because you are only given one pair of eyes so protect your eyes while sun gazing by wearing Solar Eclipse Glasses. These lenses are very dark and are not intended for use as sunglasses.  The glasses block over 99% of UV light and 97% of IR Radiation.  The frame is a comfortable, full frame, plastic that offers style and durability while sun gazing.

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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