Prescription Safety Glasses with Removable Side Shields

The danger of airborne contaminants comes at you from all angles. Be it broken glass shards, unavoidable clouds of shop particulates or sawdust, splinters scattered by a hammer, a miscast fishing hook, or molten sparks cast off from metal grinding, hazards to your eye safety come in many different forms, and all can do significant and irreparable damage to your vision. This is why prescription safety glasses are so essential.

Removable Side Shields for Prescription Safety Glasses

It’s not just head-on debris that poses a danger. Objects can strike you in profile at any time – in fact, in response to a splash of chemicals or a spray of sparks, a person tends to reactively turn away from the source, exposing the sides of the eyes. If safety glasses were designed like standard glasses, they’d actually increase the chances of sideways penetration; instead of simply bypassing the eye, an object entering from the side could strike the inside of the lens and bounce into the eye. For this reason, safety glasses are typically designed in either a wrap-around format or with side shields. Both protect the eyes from the front and the sides.

Wrap-arounds form a single curving barrier around the eyes, and while this seamless plane is preferable for many in both appearance and comfort, it does present a vision problem for some. Peripheral distortion – especially in higher prescriptions – can be significant as the lens tapers off to the side of your head. A flatter plane of vision correction is better suited to reduced distortion…but of course, flat glasses expose the sides of your eyes. This is where side shields come into play. They protect your eyes peripherally while the standard glasses take care of vision and forward-facing protection.

There are times, however, when side protection is either not necessary or not desired. If and when sideways danger is not an issue, one may prefer to do without the added weight and “goggle effect” of side shields. For such instances Rx-Safety offers several models of prescription safety glasses with removable side shields.

Removable side shields fit firmly on the frames of these safety glasses yet can easily be detached when you prefer a cleaner, lighter look. There’s no longer a need to buy two pairs of safety glasses, one with side shields and one without; convert a single pair to the task at hand and enjoy ANSI-Z87.1-2003- approved protection – up front only or all around as required. You enjoy the versatility and our prescription safety glasses with removable side shields will take care of the protection.

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