What Is Required When Ordering Prescription Safety Glasses?

If you wear prescription glasses you may think you’re getting all the protection that you need but that can’t be further from the truth. You’ll need to get special glasses to have the best safeguarding possible. You’re looking at Z87 prescription safety glasses, a type of rating showing the safety glasses have reached a certain safety level and industry standards. 

Wearing the correct safety glasses with a prescription will protect your eyes from high-impact and high-velocity projectiles. That means protection against flying dirt and debris that could make contact with your eyes, but it won’t due to the design of these prescription safety glasses

Ensure you have all the information which is necessary

You’ll want a proper eye examination and get the correct prescription. It’s not just a number for each eye; there are other numbers to weigh up as well. The information under OD will be your right eye and OS your left eye. The number you usually share is the sphere number, which is how near or farsighted you are (minus and plus, respectively). 

Then you have your cylinder and axis, which can be different per eye and will help with the clarity and comfort of your prescription. Other information to note is whether you will need bi or trifocals (your doctor will tell you) and the pupil distance (noted as PD on your prescription).  

Easy to get your prescription online with RX-Safety

With all this information on hand, it’s easy to order through RX Safety. 

Step 1: Once you have your desired frames, click on ‘Select prescription lenses’ in orange. 

Step 2: Pick out your lens type (usually single vision).

Step 3: Select your lens material – you may want to go with a higher index with higher prescriptions.

Step 4: Select available lens colors and options and photochromatic features.

Step 5: Finalize your selection with protective and anti-reflective coatings as you see fit. 

Step 6: Hit the orange ‘next’ button on the bottom right and fill out your prescription information. 

Then you can add any special requests and add to the cart. All the options below will meet some degree of ANSI Z87 safety standards.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011

These come in a rectangular frame, are chemical resistant, and are very lightweight due to their TR-90 nylon construction. The Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011 comes in eight different color options as well. They also come with integrated side shields to ensure the peripherals are protected. 

Prescription Safety Glasses T9559

The Prescription Safety Glasses T9959 also comes with integrated side shields, on top of them being Z87 prescription safety glasses. They have temple bars that are rubberized, as well as nose pads designed for comfort. A foam support also acts as a barrier against dirt and debris and a cushion for comfort. These lightweight TR-90 nylon frames come in four colors. 

Prescription Safety Glasses T6511

Another wrap-around design for a snug and secure fit, the Prescription Safety Glasses T6511 also has temple bars and nose pads, which are rubberized for fit and comfort. You’ll have four darker color options with this model, such as military green, blue, black, and gray,  and you’ll be able to wear them comfortably all day with their lightweight TR-90 nylon construction as well. 

Where to get the best prescription safety glasses

The best prescription safety glasses are available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collection of prescription safety glasses to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at service@rx-safety.com, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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