Prescription Sunglasses for Cycling

Cycling – a sometimes leisurely, sometimes rugged all-weather sport – requires a unique combination of safety eyewear features. Today we’ll examine some of the features that we recommend you should look for in a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses.

Cycling with Prescription Sunglasses

  • SAFETY CONSTRUCTION – A pair of cycling glasses must endure bumps, scrapes, and occasional spills on pavement, all while doing its job: protecting your eyes. That protection can’t happen if they shatter on impact, and no matter how cool they look, your sunglasses must be up to the task. Use a pair of ANSI certified safety glasses.
  • WRAPAROUND STYLE – The wraparound style looks perfect for cycling and, more importantly, provides proper side protection from wind, errant branches, and the small stones or pebbles that might be kicked up by cyclists in front of you.
  • POLARIZED LENSES – A polarized coating on your sunglasses will not only dampen harsh sunlight but also reduce the glare reflected by objects you’ll pass in your travels. Polarization is especially important if you bike around lakes, near pools or oceans, or in the vicinity of any other bodies of water.
  • TRANSITION LENSES – If your route takes you in and out of the shade, or lasts through several phases of the day, you may benefit from having transition lenses in your safety cycling glasses. They’ll automatically adjust for the light so you won’t have to stop and swap out multiple pairs of glasses.
  • ANTI-GLARE and SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATINGS – If these coatings are not standard equipment on the safety glasses you select and are optional for your particular pair, we strongly recommend you have them applied. Not only will they extend the life of your glasses, but they’ll also reduce the excess glare and scuffed lenses that will significantly impede your vision.
  • SLEEK DESIGN – Appearances are important, too. If you feel your safety glasses look nerdy or clunky, you may leave them in your backpack instead of where they should be: on your face. Select a pair with a sleek, streamlined design that matches the lines of your bike and in a color that compliments it.
  • THIN TEMPLE BARS – Some safety glasses provide extra coverage near the ear area with thick temple bars. Chances are your bike helmet will already have this area covered, and thick temple bars may interfere with your helmet’s fit. Go with thin ones that tuck in easily, so you can put on and remove your glasses without effort when your helmet is already buckled down.

Rx-Safety offers a wide array of prescription safety glasses that will meet most or all of the requirements listed above. They’re available in a wide spectrum of prescription strengths and often offer options including transition lenses, polarized lenses, and various coatings and tints. A little time invested now should yield you a pair of cycling sunglasses that will look great and perform well for many miles to come.

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