Prescription Sunglasses for Cycling

Cycling can be one of the most intense sports that you could ever prepare for. Weather conditions can come into effect, regardless if there’s a downpour or glaring sunlight and having the right type of eyewear is a must. That’s because cycling sunglasses provide much-needed safety features to ensure that you can always stay focused down the line and prevent accidents better. 

Typical features to look for with prescription sunglasses for cycling

Lightweight design – you don’t want these frames bringing you down when you need to have a quick reaction time. That’s why the design is so important. Many cycling glasses we offer come with extremely lightweight construction, sometimes without even a full frame to reduce the weight. It’s about having a seamless protective element on your face.

Thin and compact temple bars – You’re going to wear a helmet when cycling, so you want to make sure that the temple bars are thinner and able to slip into the helmet without pressing against your head. This is another key feature of cycling prescription sunglasses

Having the right type of lenses – Whether you’re looking for polarized lenses, transitional lenses, or other types of polycarbonate style lenses, it’s all about making sure that there’s anti-glare built into the lenses, so they don’t accidentally distract or temporarily blind you on the road. They’ll also reduce the sun’s brightness while providing you with 100% UV protection. 

To continue with the protective elements of the lenses, they typically can also come with anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance. That means optical clarity will never be compromised because of too many scratches or because the lenses are fogging up as you turn up the heat. Many of our cycling options come pre-built with this type of coating; for those that don’t, we do our best to offer it as an additional option. 

Safety first – this may go without saying, but not only are cycling glasses built to provide consistent optical clarity and protection from distortion but they’re also built to withstand a hit. Many of our cycling glasses come with high-impact or high-velocity protection, such as an ANSI rating. This means they will protect your eyes in case of an accident, however minor. In addition, many of these lenses are built to not shatter on impact as well with a specialized design and treatment, to reduce additional injury.

Comfortable fit – You want to be excited to wear cycling glasses, prescription or otherwise. Many new variations we carry are all about that comfort, whether you’re looking for rubberized temple guards, nose pads, or even foam padding on the inside to keep the glasses from pushing and causing any pressure. 

In addition, many cycling safety glasses come with a wraparound style that looks and feels great, and that snug and secure fit also help enhance protection. 

Whenever you’re ready to check out our latest collection of amazing-looking protective cycling sunglasses (that can easily come with a prescription), check out our options here

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