Bolle Cycling Glasses are the best! And Here is Why

Explore-the-reasons-for-the-unmatched-performance-of-Bolle- cycling-glasses.

We cannot stress enough at RX Safety just how important having the right pair of glasses can be. It’s not just about safety glasses in hazardous locations at the workplace or radiation safety glasses at a local dental clinic. 

In our everyday lives, we need to think about what we can do to best protect ourselves out there from the elements. That’s no different than when it comes to cycling as well. We may think that we’re simply just exercising or going for a ride, but we want to ensure that we have the best vision possible so we can have the highest situational awareness. So investing in the right type of cycling glasses can help your performance with cycling and your overall safety. 

We’ll take a look at one of our premium and highest quality options available out there from Bolle. They’re famous for their attention to detail and focus on all of their products. 

Bolle Shifter Sunglasses

When you’re looking for your cycling glasses to have all the right features immediately, look no further than the Bolle Shifter. These frames come in an oversized wraparound style to completely cover your eyes and provide that necessary clarity. The temple’s curve and nose pads are adjustable to help with the fit. There’s also built-in ventilation to keep the vision clear. Wearing these will offer 100% UV protection and increased color visuals and depth perception via the polarized lenses. 

They come in three sleek color combinations; Titanium Matte or Acid Yellow Matte with Volt+ Ultraviolet Polarized lens, and Black Matte with Phantom Brown Red Photochromic lens.

Bolle Icarus Sunglasses

These are one of the lightest options for Bolle Cycling glasses. That’s because they’re a frameless model, maintaining performance without that added weight. In addition, they’ll stay on just fine due to the S-curved temples, ThermoGrip rubber, and the typical wraparound design. 

We offer these fantastic sunglasses in six different variations that cover three of Bolle’s great lenses on the market today. You can get these with the Phantom photochromic lenses, which are hands down one of the best options on the market, or with the Volt+, which are polarized lenses that help provide that necessary high contrast. Of course, that means UV protection 100% of the time as well when you have yourself a pair of these. 

Bolle Bolt 2.0 S Sunglasses

For those looking for sunglasses built for a smaller face, the Bolt 2.0 S is perfect for you. They come in various frame styles and also with Phantom Photochromic lenses, or Volt+ Polarized lenses, depending on if you’re looking for adjustments to lighting or consistent clarity with the polarized option. 

Again, comfort isn’t lost here, with the same wraparound design to keep these cycling glasses on your face and adjustable rubberized nose pads to keep them comfortable while you’re cycling. 

Whether you want them in Black Shiny or Matte, Tortoise Matte, or Creator Green Matte, these designs will keep you in style while cycling down any road.

Opting-for-the-correct-cycling-glasses- can-boost-your-cycling-performance- and-ensure-overall-safety-Find-your- Bolle-cycling-glasses-at-Rx-Safety

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