Transition XTRActive Lenses For Safety Glasses

Transition XTRActive lenses are a great choice for those who work outdoors or who are sensitive to light.  These lenses are the darkest transition lenses available and offer protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.  When it comes to safety, transition XTRActive lenses can be a smart addition to help protect your eyes.

What Are Transition XTRActive Lenses?

Transition XTRActive lenses are the darkest transition lens on the market and were designed using a unique formation of photochromatic dyes. This helps them transition to different parts of the visible light spectrum. Unlike other transition lenses, Transition XTRActive lenses have a slight dark tint without being exposed to any visible light.  These transition lenses also offer moderate activation behind your car windshield, depending on the shape of the windshield, driver position, and lateral windows.

Transition XTRActive lenses were created for those who need a transition lens with more benefits.  Transition XTRActive lenses darken outdoors even on the warmest days and this is vital to those who spend considerable time outdoors.

Why You Should Consider Transition XTRActive Lenses For Safety Glasses

When you are working outside for your job or need protection for your eyes when you’re outdoors, you should always have a pair of reliable safety glasses with transition lenses.  Eye injuries are very common and having a pair of Transition XTRActive lenses for safety glasses can help protect your eyes from outdoor hazards.  Transition XTRActive lenses for safety glasses can cut down on the number of accidents that come from working outdoors.

If you are still unsure about Transition XTRActive lenses for safety glasses, here are some of the many benefits that Transition XTRActive lenses can offer:

No need for multiple pairs of glasses:  By purchasing Transition XTRActive lenses such as these from, you can remove the hassle of needing to switch from sunglasses to protective eyewear.

Protect your eyes from UV radiation:  Transition XTRActive lenses can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV-rays such as UV-A and UV-B rays. Our eyes are just as susceptible to damage from the sun as our skin and protecting our eyes from the sun will sustain optimal eye health.

Satisfying level of darkness:  Transition XTRActive lenses darken to a 96 percent tint at only 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Other transition lenses cannot achieve this level of darkness, making Transition XTRActive lenses a popular choice over traditional transitional lenses.

Enhance visual performance:  Transition XTRActive lenses offer a superior visual performance by adapting to changing light conditions effortlessly while also optimizing color and darkness.

Great for both driving and sports activities:  These lenses are also great for those who want increased visual clarity in outdoor sports activities and those who want some activation of transition lenses in their vehicles.

Protect Your Eyes With Transition XTRActive Lenses For Safety Glasses

It is important for those who spend a lot of time outdoors to have proper protection.  Transition XTRActive lenses for safety glasses offer versatility and transitioning capabilities and could be the answer to protecting your eyes while increasing visual performance.

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