How do I know if my glasses prescription is safety rated?

Prescription safety glasses are something that you don’t want to overthink. You want to be able to put them on and get back to the task at hand, knowing that those glasses are there to help protect you when you need them. 

But, on the flip side, you won’t want to find out after the fact and just assume they’re safety glasses until they’re put to the test. There are a few ways to know and go about this when looking for safety ratings.

Look for the right certifications throughout

Many are looking for prescription safety glasses and see some types of safety ratings like ANSI Z87+, Z87-1, Z87-2, or even Z87-2+. However, all of these have different types of designations regarding what portion of the safety glasses overall have protective elements. This is where some confusion can begin when it comes to knowing if the lenses and the frames are certified to protect. 

In many cases, you’re looking for Z87-2 or Z87-2+ to be stamped somewhere along the safety frame with prescription lenses. Sometimes, it may be stamped somewhere on the lenses themselves. The major difference between a rating of Z87-2 and Z87-2+ is that Z87-2 is just for basic impact and provides minimal protection. The + designation after the fact means both the frames and the lenses are designated with a safety rating against high-impact velocity objects. 

You may prefer to go with ANSI Z87-2+ ratings when you’re in an environment of high-flying debris that can randomly hit your eyes (think the industrial type of machinery and factory settings). 

If you have had a pair of protection safety glasses for some time (prior to 2015), you may only see a + marking next to the manufacturer’s logo. That makes it still possible for those prescription safety glasses to have some type of ANSI Z87 – protection and compliance, but it is better to consider a pair with the proper stamps and markings throughout.

Don’t take a chance

No matter what, you want to ensure that wherever you purchase your prescription safety glasses, they’re going to protect your eyes. You don’t like to second guess or buy a much older pair of frames as a cost-cutting measure that may or may not offer the amount of protection you’re looking for. 

That’s why you want to always work with reputable vendors that carry a wide variety of prescription safety glasses and have the right type of rating for you every time. 

At RX Safety, we know it can be confusing seeing how many vendors, options, sizing, and price points are out there in the prescription glasses safety arena, so we did our best to focus on cutting out the noise and helping you get the right pair of prescription safety glasses every time you make a purchase with us.

If you’re ever unsure of a rating of a frame or what it protects, we’re there to help answer those questions for you.

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