What are the top tips for buying safety glasses?

Your eyes are precious and need to be protected from the elements. This is especially important for those that are in industries where the risk of dirt and debris is higher, and you could benefit from protective safety glasses. 

However, this can sometimes seem challenging, especially when looking for cost-effective safety glasses with a prescription. At RX Safety, we only carry frames that can fit even the highest prescription out there without having to compromise on safety, quality, and style. 

Certifications and ratings are key

It’s essential when beginning your search to ensure that your protective safety glasses have the correct type of rating or certification. For those that are in need of high velocity and high impact protection, always look for ANSI Z87+ ratings on your glasses. 

For those that are looking for something a bit tougher, such as protection against military ballistics, then you’re looking at MIL-PRF-34234 rated eyewear, which is perfect for those in military or private security companies. 

Anything in our inventory, at the minimum, will carry this type of rigorous certification that ensures they are, in fact, safety glasses. This is inclusive of some quality safety features some of our higher-end products may carry. 

Comfort is critical

Once you’re in the right ballpark of having the appropriate rating, it’s now time to look for the safety glasses that fit. Again, style is essential, and there are several options for it, but having a good fit is key to keeping that protective safety eyewear on longer, without always taking them off due to strain or pressure. 

A good choice is always the snug wraparound options, such as the Q300 model. These will stay on your face as long as your eyes need that protection and will do so comfortably. In addition, they come constructed with TR-90 Nylon that keeps it lightweight and reduces or eliminates strain from wearing eyewear. 

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense prescription safety glasses, then consider the RX-F126 model. Not only are these still rated appropriately and lightweight, but they also come with protective and detachable sideguards, able to provide flexibility when needed. 

Style is still possible

Just because you need to invest in high-quality prescription safety glasses doesn’t mean that the only style they come in is black. We offer a range of styles and shapes in our t9559 model, which has a variety of dual clear/color frame options to keep your sense of style in line. 

Also, our box frame hipster style 15011 models with extended side guards to match the latest muted tones with prescription safety glasses. 

There’s no sacrifice here with what’s important, which is rubberized or silicon-based nose pads to prevent slippage and maximize comfort while at the same time having the frame construction made of the same lightweight TR-90 nylon material. 

Quality assured

Getting another pair of glasses, especially prescription safety glasses, may seem a financial burden. Yet not only do we recommend the options here today based on their affordable pricing and solid protection, but at the same time, they can be used as primary or backup glasses due to their style and not looking like traditional safety glasses. 

We also offer top-tier safety glasses from world-renowned manufacturers such as Philips Safety, Wiley X, and Oakley, who have engineered safety glasses to last. 

Work with the experts

At RX Safety, we worked hard to provide a wide range of prescription safety glasses to fit any need, budget, and style. Our specialists are ready to aid you in finding the best prescription safety glasses to fit your needs. 

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