Prescription Sports Glasses for Adults

Your vision is essential to your quality of life; it is the human being’s most relied-upon sense. What would you do if you lost an eye to your favorite sport?

What Adults Should Know About Prescription Sports Glasses

In the United States alone, a person visites the ER every 13 minutes with an eye injury [1]. Prescription sports glasses can prevent this from ever being your story, and if you’re an adult, you’ll have no excuse for injuring your eye when you could have been protecting it.

Playing sports puts you at far greater risk for eye injury, especially when playing sports involving pucks, balls, and equipment such as bats, sticks, and poles. Any fast-moving object that is smaller than the socket of your eye is an extreme eye hazard, and even objects larger than your socket can still cause you to lose an eye.

Prescription sports glasses for adults today are stylish and comfortable. Most offer straps to hold the glasses in place and very comfortable, no-slip padding for the nose and temples. Also, regardless of your prescription strength, there is an adult prescription sports glasses frame that can accommodate it. As a responsible adult, there are no excuses for putting your precious vision at risk.

Here are the reasons why prescription sports glasses are so important for adults playing sports:

  • Eye injuries related to sports cost $175-$200 million every year [1].
  • Using prescription sports glasses can reduce your insurance costs [1].
  • Eyewear can only be categorized as prescription sports glasses if it meets ASTM F803 standards for sports safety [1], but there are many ASTM-approved styles of prescription sports glasses online today. Street glasses just don’t cut it.
  • Wearing non-safety prescription glasses while playing sports puts you at much greater risk for eye injury than wearing no glasses at all. [1]
  • 9 out of every 10 eye injuries can be prevented using safety eyewear [2].
  • Eye injuries not only put you out of the game during the recovery process; many people are more prone to a second eye injury after their first.
  • Losing an eye has obvious implications such as reduced field of view and loss of depth perception, but it also means that you are now exponentially more at risk of going blind. This means that you will have to be extremely cautious playing sports, if you decide to play again at all.

Eye safety is not a light matter, yet most people give it little to no consideration when participating in sports. Basketball is the number one cause of sports-related eye injuries in adults [1], and prescription glasses wearers have no excuse for not wearing protective eyewear during the game. If you have to wear glasses to see, why not use glasses that also prevent eye injury when playing sports?

You wouldn’t go into the game without your sneakers and other essential equipment. If you wear prescription glasses, don’t run the risk of losing an eye or getting an eye injury during your sport; prescription sports glasses are just as essential as all of the other equipment you go into the game with.

If you’re shopping for prescription sports glasses and you have any questions, you can definitely ask them in the comments below. We’d also like to hear your feedback or input into this important issue, so leave it in the comments if you have anything you’d like to add! Thanks so much for reading, and stay safe this summer.


[1] National Eye Institute. Sports Related Eye Injuries: What You Need to Know and Tips for Prevention.
[2] Sports Eye Safety. Prevent Blindness America.

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