Nike Prescription Glasses: An Important Part of Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is an excellent sport to consider taking up this winter. It’s good exercise and there is little equipment involved. Basically, you’ll need a pair of snowshoes, winter apparel, trekking poles and Nike prescription glasses. When choosing Nike prescription glasses for a snowshoeing trip, there are a few key design elements to look for right away.

First and foremost, the prescription glasses should sit on the nose or wrap securely around the head. Otherwise, precipitation, wind and wayward branches may access the eyes. If you are not a fan of wrap-around glasses, try pairing the eyewear with balaclavas, ski masks or other head-gear that will keep the skin around the eyes protected from frostbite.

Nike Dawn Ascent Sunglasses Concord Navy Frame Navy Lens Angled Side Left NI DQ0802 556

Second, the lenses should boast a UV filter as well anti-fog and anti-shatter capabilities. Remember, snowshoeing burns a lot of calories. So, the heat from your body will likely clash with the cold, outdoor temperatures and cause the lenses to mist over. Anti-fog coatings and vents will help keep that from occurring so you can continue to see the snowshoeing trail.

As for the UV filter, it will lessen your risk of developing photokeratitis. It’s another way to say “snow blindness.” Believe it or not, it is easy to become snow blind while snowshoeing, even on an overcast day. Why? UV rays are always present. Also, they have a strong tendency to reflect off of snow and ice-covered surfaces. As such, they can be very intense even when the sun doesn’t appear to be shining very brightly.

And a pair of Nike prescription glasses’ anti-shatter capabilities will come in handy if you encounter blowing hail, sleet, snowmobile spray, snowballs as well as wayward branches. Many long-time snowshoe fans recommend that the lenses have transition capabilities too but that’s purely optional. To discover the right pair of Nike prescription glasses for your first snowshoeing adventure, please visit our website today.

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