For Trendsetters and Professionals: Nike Prescription Glasses

If you’re a fan of the latest eyewear styles or you enjoy a sporty look, Nike prescription eyeglasses feature distinctive characteristics. Styles of this brand include bold neon arms and fashionably thick frames. You may want to buy more than one pair to match your mood. While there are many styles to browse, here are three styles you may want to consider:

1. Nike eyeglasses with retro rectangular frames

These eyeglasses have a vintage look, with sharp-looking corners and thick frames. Some frames feature neon on the interior of the arms as a bold contrast. Other frames have a marbled, or tumbled look, with varying tones of a color for an artistic style.

2. Nike eyeglasses with sporty and business-like features

Some styles of Nike eyewear have thin frames around the lenses and thick, sporty arms for comfort near the ears. This creates a futuristic contrast for all day wear. The Nike logo boldly appears on the sides of the arms near the temple – and the arms feature two colors.

3. Nike minimalist eyewear

For those who want simple yet high-quality eyewear, browse the Nike frames with lightweight, thin features. The subtle curves of the frames and lightweight rectangular features look high-tech and professional. These options include adjustable features around the nose for comfort all day.

With Nike eyewear, you’ll enjoy matching your glasses with the rest of your outfit. Consider buying eyewear in your favorite color or to match your workplace dress code.

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