3 Reasons Why Nike Prescription Eyewear is the Best Choice

When it comes to prescription eyewear, there are a multitude of brands to choose from, so why is Nike’s prescription eyewear the best choice? Of course, choosing the perfect pair of prescription eyeglasses to wear is a subjective choice — varying from person to person — yet, Nike prescription eyewear has just the right blend of attributes to be considered the best choice for the most people. Here are 3 reasons why Nike prescription eyewear is the best choice:

  1. Great Selection
  2. Quality and Brand Reliability
  3. Affordability

#1: Great Selection

There’s not many brands (if any) that can boast of the selection and options available when it comes to prescription eyewear. Really, there’s a type, style, color, and model for nearly everyone. Of course, if someone wants to make an esoteric statement by finding an obscure brand, great, but for people who simply want a great pair of prescription eyeglasses that fits their needs – Nike has the right fit.

The Nike Vision prescription eyewear line has all kinds of different options, such as: sunglasses, reading glasses, plastic or wire frames, wrap-around frames and lenses, sporty styles, heavy-duty frames for work, over-sized fashion sunglasses, sleek “Buddy Holly” sunglasses, and much more. Nike, basically, has prescription sunglasses and eyewear for every type of use and activity.

Nike is known for its sports wear prowess and innovation, and this is reflected in the great sporty eyewear choices they offer; yet, Nike also does a great job of offering elegant and fashionably sensitive designs as well. This shouldn’t be too surprising, considering Nike is an industry leader in fashionable trends, period; they know what consumers want and work hard to make it happen. The evidence of this is seen in the great selection offered with their prescription eyewear.

#2: Quality and Brand Reliability

Since its origins in 1964, Nike has always been known for its quality products and reliability as a company. There’s a reason why this brand has surpassed so many others and reached so many different markets! With their success with athletic wear, why wouldn’t they team up with Marchon Eyewear, Inc.(distributor and manufacturer) and Transitions Optical (lens technology) – to form the Nike Vision prescription eyewear line?

This partnership with three industry leaders in their respective fields, is great news for consumers who want quality and reliability with their prescription eyewear — from a brand they trust. Nike is known for its brand reliability, and their unique position to bring together such innovative forces is what makes Nike prescription eyewear so special.

#3. Affordability

With all these great attributes, these prescription eyeglasses must cost a fortune, right? No! That’s the best part, Nike (with their marketing prowess) understands how to make products that are affordable for every budget. They also know how to edge out the competition with quality products, in order to stay on top of the competitive markets they’re in; prescription eyewear is no different, which means Nike prescription sunglasses and eyewear is amazingly affordable!

In addition to Nike’s affordable priceline, when buying from Rx-Safety, customers are privy to even more savings! Wholesale prices combined with free shipping and regular discounts, create amazingly low-priced deals. This is good news for people in the market for prescription eyewear, especially considering Rx-Safety is a full-service optical lab that’s been in business for decades!


These three reasons should suffice to show why Nike prescription eyewear is the best choice for consumers. Nike has done it again, this time with their Nike Vision prescription eyewear line, which combines: style, practicality, choice, quality, innovative lens technology, and affordability. Not a bad combination, right?

Check out the hundreds of choices we offer here on Rx-Safety, and find the perfect pair (or two) of Nike prescription eyewear at the perfect price. If you need any help or have any questions about the options, filling the prescription, or whatever, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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