Should You Wear Rimless or Full Rim Nike Prescription Glasses?

Although rimless and full rim Nike prescription glasses perform the same function, they are quite different in their construction and stylistic impact. Among the qualities they share are that both will make a positive style statement about the wearer. They will also convey an impression of success, intelligence, and trustworthiness about the person wearing them.

However, the way they go about doing this is very different. Rimless glasses do this in an understated way that has the least visual impact, while full rim glasses make no attempt at being invisible. In fact, they are very much a part of the wearer’s facial appearance.

People opting for rimless may like the minimal impact these glasses have on their appearance. Other users of rimless glasses simply like the understated way that it enhances their attractiveness. Those who prefer full rim glasses may simply like their sturdiness, or like that they can add a stylistic look or vibe not possible without them, much like wearing a hat does.

Strength and Durability of Construction

Three piece rimless glasses consist of two lenses joined together by a nose bridge that attach to the lens material via drilled holes. The temples likewise attach directly to the lens. Because the lens sees a lot of localized stress at the attachment points, tough lens materials such as polycarbonate or Trivex are used. Even so, rimless glasses are more fragile than full rim glasses. This means that rimless glasses aren’t appropriate for small children and aren’t suited for athletic activities. For children and athletic adults, sturdy full rim glasses are the better choice.

Rimless glasses with standard CR-39 plastic lenses are more likely to chip and crack at the edges when dropped. The frames near the attachment points of rimless glasses are more vulnerable to damage regardless of the lens material. Full rim glasses lack these attachment points that concentrate force when the glasses are handled or dropped. Nevertheless, rimless glasses can last a long time provided they are high quality, and the owner takes good care of them.

The Benefits of Each

Rimless glasses are easy on the bridge of the nose because they’re lightweight. They flatter your appearance in a minimal way and won’t distract the attention of others away from your face. If you have a small face, rimless glasses won’t overwhelm it as would full rim glasses with thick frames. Rimless glasses also project professionalism in the office environment. In addition, their rimless lenses and slender temples won’t distract your attention or interfere with peripheral vision.

Full rim glasses are generally lower cost than rimless because their manufacture is an easier process. They can readily hold very thick lenses as well as very thin lenses. Thin lenses are easily damaged on a rimless frame. The sturdy construction of full rim glasses makes them more durable, which is important for physically active and athletic people. In fact, glasses that are specialized for specific sports activities are predominantly full rim designs. Full rim glasses with tough polycarbonate lenses are ideal for young children who lack the maturity to take proper care of them.

Full rim glasses do a better job of protecting the face and eyes from wind, dust, and ultraviolet (if they’re sunglasses). This is especially true of wraparound designs. Finally many full rim designs will give you a trendy appearance if that’s what you seek. They’ll leave a stronger impression than a pair of rimless glasses, which are meant to minimize their impact.

Of course, you can have the best of both worlds by getting two pairs of Nike prescription glasses: a pair of rimless glasses for the office and for reading at home, and a pair of full rim glasses for your weekend activities. If you require more information or help with a purchase, please contact us.

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