6 Uses For Nike Prescription Glasses

When you hear the word “Nike” you probably think of athletic wear, sneakers, or the check mark with the famous “just do it” slogan. You probably don’t think about words such as “radiation” or “reading glasses” when you hear “Nike”.

But this brand offers so much more than just athletic inspiration and an extensive clothing line dedicated to fitness. Nike also has a line of high quality prescription glasses for multiple purposes. If you aren’t familiar with the many types of glasses Nike has to offer, you have come to the right place to learn more! In this post, we will take a look at six different uses of Nike prescription glasses.

  1. Sunglasses: Fewer things are more burdensome and annoying to anyone who wears prescription glasses than having to deal with the harsh, glaring sunlight, especially when they are trying to do something outside. That’s why many people who wear glasses tend to invest in lenses that can be tinted when they step outside into the sun. If you want an edgier, sportier look for your sunglasses, consider investing in a pair of Nike prescription sunglasses. You can get a custom designed fit and style that meets your prescription needs, protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, and gives you a fashionable look and feel.
  2. Radiation Safety Glasses:Β Style isn’t the only thing that Nike prescription glasses have to offer; they also have plenty of glasses that are designed to protect the eyes from harmful radiation. If you work in an environment where radiation is present, such as in a radiology lab or an examination room, you most definitely want to have the best protection possible for some of your most vital organs. Naturally, you wouldn’t step foot in an area where there was radiation without having the proper protection for your body, including your eyes. Fortunately, Nike offers a line of high end radiation safety eye wear at an affordable price. They prioritize multiple factors including security, protection, and comfort.
  3. Glasses For Kids: Nike has an impressively extensive line of accessories for men, women, and children. And when it comes to prescription eye wear, Nike offers plenty of options for children as well. If you are a parent to young children, you understand how difficult the process of finding the right prescription eye wear for them can be. There are several things to consider such as their level of activity, whether or not they participate in compact sports or sports in general, and what kind of eye wear they will need when they are exposed to the sun. Needless to say, you are probably looking for a prescription eye wear option that is extremely durable since kids are, after all, highly active and accident prone. Nike has parents covered by offering a plethora of prescription eye wear options for the youngsters. There is no lack of eye wear options including plenty of bright colors and fun styles that kids will enjoy. They also offer more practical elements such as durability, functionality, and protection for their eyes.
  4. Athletic Wear Glasses: Speaking of kids that are highly active, this is a good time to mention prescription eye wear designed specifically for athletic purposes. Unless you wear contact lenses, you are probably in need of eye wear that is designed to optimize your visibility while protecting your eyes during sports whether it’s a game of softball or something slightly more active like soccer. Traditional glasses are at risk for breaking when you are engaged in physical activity. Not only that, but the wrong kind of eye wear can actually be risky for your safety and lead to a potential injury. In these instances, it is necessary to have prescription eye wear that you can wear comfortably and without distraction.
  5. Reading Glasses: Anyone who only requires reading glasses or has farsighted vision will find an impressive selection of reading glasses by Nike. Naturally, if you will be spending several hours working in front of a bright computer screen or curled up at home with a book that you just can’t put down, you will want eye wear that is comfortable and will allow you to read without straining your eyes. It would also make sense that you would be looking for something that sits comfortably on your face without irritating you, sliding down you nose because the frames are too loose, or causing other problems. Nike has plenty of comfortable, secure options for people in need of prescription reading glasses.
  6. Outdoor Work Glasses: If you work in a setting where you do a lots of physical labor outdoors or in an environment where you want to protect your eyes from flying objects, it is understandable that you would want something that offers the maximum level of coverage. Aside from traditional sunglasses or prescription glasses designed for athletic purposes, Nike also offers a lot of options for anyone in need of protective eye wear. This way, you can get custom lenses that fit your prescription needs while also having eye wear the shields your eyes from debris, harsh wind, glaring sunlight, and anything else that would be of danger to your eyes and your overall vision.

Want to learn about the many other kinds of prescription eye wear Nike has to offer? Or is there something specific you are in need of? Keep reading our other blog posts or contact us today with any questions you may have.

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