The First-time Buyer’s Guide to Reading Glasses with Real Glass Lenses

So you are thinking about investing in a pair of reading glasses with real glass lenses? There are lots of reasons why that would be considered a wise investment, thanks to the many benefits and features of glasses that are designed with real glass. Once upon a time, eye wear made with real glasses was simply the norm; everyone had them. But today, it is extremely common to see the majority of people (especially young, highly active kids) wearing glasses with plastic lenses. Regardless of this fact, we are seeing a steady rise in the number of people who are returning to the good old-fashioned, study real glass lens reading glasses. If you are planning to buy a pair of reading glasses with real glass lenses for the first time, here is a comprehensive guide to walk you through the entire process and give you greater confidence that you made the right choice.

Real Glass Reading Glasses in Translucent Grey, Clubster Style Frame, Angled Side Left

Get The Basics Down First

Regardless of what kind of glasses you end up buying, there are a few qualities that your glasses should have no matter what. Whatever you buy should be comfortable, durable, stylish, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, and most importantly, easy on your eyes and easy to wear in general. Have this mental checklist with you when you buy your reading glasses. Before you invest in any pair of reading glasses that is made with real glass, you want to know where exactly that glass came from. Under the official classification of glass lenses, the glass is said to be made out of natural mineral glass. One might think that because these glasses are made with real glass lenses that they would be more susceptible to scratches and other types of damage; but the exact opposite is true. Glass lenses are exponentially more durable than plastic lenses and have less of a chance of getting scratched. Another big benefit of glass lenses is that they tend to be cheaper than glasses made with other lens material.

The Reasons Why Glass Lenses Are so Great For Reading

Anyone who needs some eye wear for reading or anyone who wears bifocals or even trifocals will benefit from glass lenses. Because glass lenses tend to be thinner than lenses made with another kind of material, the thickness promotes more enhanced visual clarity and optical purity. People who wear glass lenses also don’t seem to have problems with dispersion (this is caused by color fringes that disrupt visual clarity). If you have ever worn glasses before and suddenly noticed a strange, somewhat faint reflection of a color prism, this is dispersion in action. If you want to cut down on the annoying problem that is dispersion, follow the general line of thinking that higher quality lenses will lead to reduced dispersion or no dispersion at all. After all, what fun is reading when you have an irritating reflection of colors in the way of your view? Glass lenses also look cleaner than lenses made out of other materials and they are easier to keep clean in general.

Knowing When You Shouldn’t Wear Glass Lenses

If you do decide to invest in a prescription pair of glasses with glass lenses, in addition to knowing about their features, you should also know when you shouldn’t wear them. Obviously if you are purchasing eye wear for your child who plays a lot of sports, you don’t want to buy the glasses with glass lenses. If you will be wearing glass lens glasses for casual wear, working at the office, and reading, your glasses will do a great job of enhancing your eyesight. But if you are extremely active, work outdoors, engage in sports, and spent the majority of your time outside, you may want glasses with a different lens material such as polycarbonate. Of course, you always have the option of purchasing both glasses with glass lenses for your more leisure, quiet activities, and glasses with polycarbonate lenses for more active tasks. Additionally, there are plenty of options on the market that allow you to easily switch out lenses from your frame. If you have never considered this option before, speak with your eye doctor or some other eye care professional who can guide you through the process of buying glasses with multiple lenses for multiple uses.

Some Final Words on Glasses with Glass Lenses

If you are getting glasses with glass lenses for the primary purpose of reading, the glass material is the way to go since it offers such pristine, pure visual clarity. With that said, though glass lenses are highly scratch resistant, you still want to keep them protected in a hard case when you are not using them since they are more susceptible to damage if they are dropped, stepped on, or crushed in some other way. Glasses with glass lenses also tend to be a more attractive option for people since the lenses are usually a bit thinner, thanks to their high index.

Are you in need of additional information related to reading glasses with real glass lenses? Or you are in the market for other kinds of eye wear for reading, casual wear, athletics, or any other recreational or work purpose? Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you might have. We are committed to helping both children and adults find the perfect eye wear for their vision needs. You can also continue reading our other blog posts for more free resources or visit our official website today.

  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for these tips for getting reading glasses with real lenses. I actually didn’t’ know that it could be good to know exactly when you shouldn’t wear them, like for sports and whatnot. I’m kind of interested to learn more about the different options that are available and what their benefits are.

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