Men’s Reading Glasses With Glass Lenses

The idea that you can still find glass lenses might surprise you in a time when it seems eyeglass manufacturers gave up on them. When you turn to the online world, you can find a lot of things you can’t find elsewhere. It’s still possible to find glass lenses, including for men’s glass lens reading glasses.

At Rx-Safety, we offer them at discount prices and in various styles you couldn’t have found back in the heyday of glass lenses.

One reason glass became more rare to find is because of the weight and risk of glass breaking. Take a look at what’s available now to change your mind.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Lenses for Men?

Many of you likely depend on reading glasses in your careers, though worry about what reading glasses with glass lenses would look like. Back in the day when glass lenses were the norm, they often looked like a giant weight on a man’s face.

Things have changed considerably since those days. Now you can buy very stylish frames that fit into any work setting.

The advantages to using glass on your lenses are still in place as well. Glass has always been known as having superior optics compared to plastic lenses. When you need optimal eyesight for an exacting task, glass is going to give you a superior field of view.

Also, glass eliminates the cutting edge line often seen on bifocals, helping your vision even more.

Creating glass lenses with a high refractive index will also make the glass thinner, producing less weight than the reading glasses you remember from yesteryear.

The Cheaper Cost of Glass Lenses

You already know reading glasses cost a bundle if you stick with more updated materials. Glass is much cheaper than plastic lenses, so you’re going to save money sticking with glass.

When you shop with us at Rx-safety, you’ll be able to find men’s reading glasses with glass lenses at prices you can’t find anywhere else.

We offer discounts even on your first purchase, potentially saving you up to 20% on your order.

So what can you find for yourself in glass lens reading glasses? Look at some of the frame styles available on our site to make yourself look stylish in any setting.

While you may not find the name Nike involved in glass lenses, you’ll still find a lot of top eyewear manufacturers who produce these.

Names like Equinox, Geek, Philips-Safety, and even our own brand offer these type of reading glasses.

In the case of Equinox, you’ll find a trendy, rectangular frame with photochromic lenses that tint in the sun and turn clear indoors. The EQ218 is a real standout, giving you an opportunity to wear the same glasses if your job requires going indoors or outdoors continually.

Geek offers a great pair of these glasses as well in a retro style. If you like the old look of the mid 1950s, it’s possible to acquire those with a few technical refinements. In the 201 model, you’ll be able to have one foot in the past and one in the future while still enjoying the benefits of glass.

Philips-Safety’s glass lens reading glasses have stick-on bifocals. These give you a unique method in how you wear your eyewear at work. You can acquire them for only $15 (not including a discount), giving you a smarter alternative to buying more expensive bifocals.

With our own brand, you’ll find scratch coating on our lenses, giving them true appeal when working around risky environments. Glass in general can’t scratch, providing multiple advantages.

Finding Specialty Reading Glasses

One great thing about shopping with us for reading glasses is you can find many customized options. Our collection of specialty reading glasses with glass lenses offer some useful variations to help your eyewear fit better.

For instance, you can find some pairs offering UV blocking technology with tint glass lenses. Schott Glass Technologies is a company offering said features, and they’re one of the top companies we partner with on glass lenses.

Schott also offers clear glass lens reading glasses using top grade European acetate. At the same time, they provide modern touches like spring hinges and black fade design.

It’s possible to get more photochromic glass lenses in your reading glasses from other manufacturers like Ferris. The latter company offers more customization, including being able to get three different frame colors.

Finding the Right Frame Size

We’ll give you a lot of choices on frame size when shopping for reading glasses on our site. For men, we offer numerous frame size options. Medium size is the most common size available, though we’ll accommodate any type of face or head shape.

What’s most important is to find something that’s going to feel comfortable if you depend on reading glasses for your career. Glass lenses are still slightly heavier than plastic, yet nowhere near as heavy as they were decades ago.

Buying them today is going ensure comfort all day long, including more durability than you think.

Finding the Right Lens Type

Even though you need reading glasses, you can add to those glass lenses to give you more optic power. You’ve already seen what you can find in bifocals. You can add magnified lenses if you need to read fine print all day long.

Mag lenses start at +1.25 in the Philips-Safety stick-on bifocals, then go up to +3.00 with the same brand.

Photochromic reading glasses are additionally available through above-mentioned Ferris, Genius, and Equinox.

What About Lens Color?

Maybe your career requires wearing branded colors to give more individuality to your appearance. Most of our customers prefer the clear lenses in reading glasses, yet it’s possible to get a light shade of pink in your lenses for a fun, trendy look.We invite you to visit our website at Rx-Safety to see all of the custom options available in men’s reading glasses that still use glass lenses. You’ll notice everything that’s old ultimately becomes new again with all of the hot designs you expect when buying new eyewear.  Contact us to learn more about our extensive inventory and how much money you’ll save shopping with us.

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