Meet the Morpheus Safety Glasses Series by Rec Specs

Discover-the-Morpheus-Safety-Glasses- Series-by-Rec-Specs.

At RX Safety, we really disliked the original sportswear protective glasses that were offered to professional players back in the day. They looked clunky and came with an all-clear frame and black band that honestly didn’t seem that comfortable overall. 

Well, those bad old days are long gone as the company known as Rec Specs continues to do an excellent job producing not only some of the highest quality performance safety sports glasses out there but also making sure they look great at the same time. 

They look so great that, in many cases, they don’t need to be worn by just those that need prescriptions but anyone who wants to add another layer of protection when playing a sport. After all, there’s no need to have a serious injury if it was preventable, right? 

With that said, RX safety is thrilled to offer the Morpheus safety glasses series. We carry Morpheus Models 1, 2, and 3, each with its own variations depending on what the active user is looking for. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing squash, basketball, tennis, or baseball; you’ll have eyewear built to take the brunt of the accident and potential injury. This minor investment will pay itself in dividends in the small run. 

Also, with all of the Morpheus series under $80 in many cases, it is now more affordable than ever. 

Morpheus 3 Goggles

We’re going to start out of order here because these goggles are something else. They come in two futuristic colors, either metallic light brown with a shiny brown stripe or satin blue with a satin navy blue stripe. Both options come with a contrasting black adjustable band to ensure that these goggles stay on the whole game. 

We currently offer the Morpheus 3 goggles in four different sizes, and we always recommend you reach out to us about sizes beforehand so you get the right fit and optimal protection every time. 

Morpheus 1

Coming in Shiny Gray or Shiny Navy Blue with a black stripe, the Morpheus 1 is an excellent option for kids playing any type of sport. They have a 6-base curve to offer optimal protection and come with a padded temple and bridge to ensure enhanced protection mixed in with comfort. 

We offer the Morpheus 1 in two different sizes, and prescriptions are available as well. 

Morpheus 2

The Morpheus 2 is a bit larger than the Morpheus 1 and comes in three color options and two sizing options. They come in Shiny Gray or Shiny Black with a silver stripe or a Shiny Silver with a Navy Blue Pearl Stripe. 

It comes with a similar 6 base curve as the Morpheus 1 and is in a more unisex style, perfect for both girls and boys. Similar padded areas and prescriptions are also available. 

Excellent Protection

All three models above, as is common with many Rec Specs frames, come with ASTM F803 impact resistance certification. This means they’re rated to provide complete protection against projectiles moving 90 miles an hour, with a size ranging between 40mm to 65mm. That means you don’t need to lose an eye or damage it in any way due to an unfortunate accident, as long as you have a pair of Morpheus frames on you.

RX-Safety-proudly-offers-the-Morphes- Series-by-Rec-Specs-as-an-authorized- distributor.

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