We Love Ecko Unltd and their amazing glasses. Here’s why

Ecko Unltd has come with a variety of stylish frames and color options that will satisfy the biggest fashion-conscious person out there. They are a high-quality frame and design and follow the latest trends when it comes to prescription eyeglasses. At RX Safety, we’re proud to carry a large variety and options for these frames, and of course, you can get your prescriptions with us as well.


The first on the list is the Ecko Unltd. ECK700 eyeglasses. These are designed for men and come in a classic aviator style. You’ll be able to wear this bold choice that comes in three different types of color options. These are matte black, matte tortoise, and matte blue. In addition, the frame material is made of plastic, which helps to keep them light and comfortable. These frames come with a saddle bridge and are best suited for large faces. 


The next choice on the list is Ecko Unltd. ECKO702 eyeglasses. These frames from Ecko Unltd come in a square shape, that’s also ideal for those with a larger face. They also have a saddle bridge design for better comfort. You can get these square-shaped frames in either a black / tortoise color combination or in a crystal / black variant. 


For those that are looking for a rectangular-shaped frame, then the Ecko Unltd. ECKO703 frame is an excellent choice. Rectangular frames are also ideal for those who are in need of higher prescriptions in their lenses. These also have frame legs that get thinner to bring out a more minimalist style and reduce the overall size of the frames. They’re best suited again for larger faces and come in navy or black. 


Another rectangular option, the Ecko Unltd. ECKO706 eyeglasses, come with spring hinges to ensure a secure fit every time, yet also has a saddle bridge to make sure that they are tight enough on the face. They have a bit thicker legs than the ECKO703 as well, yet they still fit best with larger-sized faces. When it comes to color options, these frames come with a stylish blend of either black with red highlights or crystal with red highlights. 


Those looking for a metal frame should consider the Ecko Unltd. ECKO600 eyeglasses. These come with rubberized temple guards and rubber nose pads to ensure comfort while wearing these heftier frames. The ECKO600 also comes with spring hinges to keep that perfect fit. Color variations here will be subdued with the metal frame and come in either a matte black or a matte gunmetal option. The shape of these frames is square, and they tend to be best suited for large faces. 

You can build out any of these frames with the prescription lenses of your choice. That means you can pick the frame that suits your lifestyle and fashion options while also being able to pick the high-quality lenses as well to ensure optimal clarity, eye protection, and any additional features you may need to include with the lenses.

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