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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Pentax Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87 approved for optimal impact safety protection. All safety frames on our RX-Safety website will have the ANSI Z87 marking on the frame itself. In addition, all prescription lenses will be stamped with our “PS” maker’s mark to indicate the lenses are safety approved.

We are happy to give our Pentax glasses customers the flexibility to build their own glasses. This means they have the freedom to also choose what features they want added such as specific lens materials and coatings. All frames have a base price that ranges from around $50 to over $100 if extra features or lens coatings and prescriptions are added. This part of the process is completely optional and up to you! Pentax glasses are great because they are affordable yet reliable.

Most Pentax glasses will arrive in about 1 week to 10 days! In fact, your prescription safety glasses will not take any longer than regular prescription glasses purchased from RX-Safety. Most prescription orders generally take about 7-10 business days to process before shipping. Depending on the options you chose, your order could process faster or slower. Your Pentax will be at your door in no time!

Here at RX-Safety, we are confident that we can be the best place for you to purchase your Pentax safety glasses. Head to and select your favorite pair of Pentax glasses. Then, you can adjust the glasses to your specific needs using our customization options. These options include lens coatings, features, and the addition of your prescription. Additionally, the RX-Safety customer care team is always on call to help you make the perfect choice!

Yes! In fact, at RX-Safety we are proud to carry not only a great selection of Pentax glasses, but also great accessories. Head to our Pentax collection to see our full inventory of Pentax glasses and accessories.

Yes! Head to and check out the accessories tab! We have replacement parts such as replacement lenses and more listed!

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