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If you love snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply exploring the bottom of your home pool, we encourage you to take a look at our collection of Prescription scuba diving and snorkeling masks. At Rx-Safety, you are sure to find prescription scuba diving and snorkeling masks to be comfortable, effective and durable.

Compared to other online retailers, we are especially proud of our inventory of prescription dive masks, prescription swim goggles, and prescription scuba masks. You shouldn’t need to struggle to see beautiful fish on a snorkeling trip or beautiful coral when you are scuba diving on a tropical vacation. Instead of missing out on a wonderful opportunity to see our planet’s beautiful creatures, you can invest in a pair of high-quality, yet affordable prescription dive masks, swim goggles, and scuba masks in our collection. It’ll be an investment that you won’t regret.

In our scuba diving and snorkeling eyewear collection, you will see several different glasses manufactured by xRx. XRX is a world leader in prescription dive masks. They manufacture versatile and lightweight masks that provide an outstanding field of vision. Regardless of the pair that you choose, you can leverage side windows, which provide a 180-degree panoramic view. You won’t be missing that amazing fish that is swimming adjacent to you. These glasses also have a one-step strap adjustment system. For you, this means that you’ll be able to quickly and effectively adjust your strap so that you are extremely comfortable when wearing these glasses. Finally, with a tempered glass lens, you can be sure that your glasses will last for a long time.

Simply put, we are confident that you will find an excellent pair of prescription dive masks, swim goggles, or scuba masks. Whether you are a novice or an expert diver or snorkeler, you can take these glasses and enhance your overall experience. Have fun!

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