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Many premium brands offer top-tier quality cycling glasses specifically for it. However, we highly recommend Oakley Cycling glasses, as they have a completely dedicated line of cycling glasses taking all the factors that can happen and building them into their frames.

It’s the same measurements for any type of face. Smaller sizes tend to fit better with rectangular or oval-shaped frames. You want the right fit, so it’s usually what the total width of your face is. To get into the small category, you’re looking between 125MM to 129MM.

The best place to buy cycling glasses would be on our site at RX Safety, as we specifically categorize for that type of activity. Sometimes sunglasses or other frames may look like cycling glasses but may not be constructed exactly for it.

First of all, Polarized lenses are built to knock out the glare. That’s great for when you’re out on the beach or open waters where the glare reflects off the water. When it comes to cycling, though, you want to be able to see that glare as it can help with depth perception and your surroundings. Some cycling glasses can come with anti-glare protection but are not always recommended.

The best place to get prescription cycling glasses would be at RX Safety, as we filter out what prescription offers we have per frame. That means when you get prescription cycling glasses; you build out everything yourself online with the lenses and the options, as long as you’re aware of your prescription.

RX Safety Online is the best place because it combines numerous options with detailed information on all the frames available. As a result, you’ll always be able to pick the suitable types of frames for your needs and sizing. At the same time, you can get the frames with the right lenses, and we bring everything to your doorstep within 7 to 10 business days.

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