How Do I Use Clip On Sunglasses?

Prescription glasses wearers know all too well how difficult it can be to get caught in the sun with clear glasses on.

How to Use Clip-On Glasses

Clip on sunglasses are perfect for the prescription glasses wearer who needs sun protection and doesn’t want to carry around a second pair of glasses. Not only do clip on sunglasses give you all the sun protection of a regular pair of sunglasses; they protect your lenses, are easy to store and carry around, and are inexpensive enough that you won’t fret about losing them.

Clip on sunglasses are the kind of accessory that is incredibly useful yet not commonly used. One of their nicest traits is their convenience. Get a pair or two and leave them where you’ll need them: in the glove box, in the tackle box, in the saddle bag… Suddenly, you’re always prepared for the sun. It’s a simple convenience and a huge difference in your ability to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’ve never owned a pair of clip on sunglasses before, here’s why they’re great:

  • Clip on sunglasses are inexpensive, so it’s not a huge commitment to buy them, and you won’t be heartbroken if they get lost or scratched.
  • If you wear prescription glasses or use reading glasses, it can be a real pain to use two pairs: one for sun, one for the rest of the time. Clip on sunglasses remove the need for more than one pair of glasses. They are also darker than most Transitions lenses get, so if your eyes are sensitive, this is a better choice.
  • They are handy. It’s easy to store them because they’re small, and they can be tossed into a saddlebag or glove box because they’re inexpensive and not easy to break.
  • Using clip on sunglasses is easy. They clip right onto your current glasses and come right off when you’re done. Many also flip up so you can take a minute to look at your phone or something dark without taking them off.
  • They come in many shapes and sizes, making it easy to find a pair that fits your current glasses.
  • They offer protection both for your eyes and your eyewear. Since clip on sunglasses go in front of your current lenses, in addition to helping you see in bright sunlight, they protect your eyeglasses lenses from getting scratched or scuffed.

Clip on sunglasses are a great help in bright sunlight, and they are a must-have for anybody who likes to go outdoors and doesn’t like to have to carry around a pair of sunglasses. You can keep them in your pocket, purse, glove box… anywhere a regular pair of glasses will fit. Keeping them close at hand is best: you’d be amazed at how often you’ll use them once you have them.

There aren’t instructions required for the use of clip on sunglasses because they’re so easy to put on and take off. The only real consideration you need to make involves deciding what color and shape you want. Other than that, using them and keeping them with you is a breeze.

Clip on sunglasses are one of those things that, once you get it, you can’t imagine how you managed to get by without it. Testimonials and our own evidence has proven this to be true.

If you have questions about clip on sunglasses, or if you’re interested in getting a pair, leave a comment below or call our customer service department. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the summer!

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