Prescription Safety Glasses for Splash Protection

Prescription safety glasses for splash protection are often categorized synonymously with prescription safety glasses for impact safety, because both require wraparound coverage and the ability to prevent objects from flying into your eyes.

Protect Yourself From Splash with Prescription Safety Glasses

The main thing that sets safety glasses for splash protection apart from those without it is the ability to stop fluids from flowing down or around your face and under the lenses. The best thing to stop fluids from entering your eyes is a facial cavity seal or prescription safety goggles. Either of these will isolate your eyes from the outside environment, allowing you to work in an environment where your face may be splashed without worrying about the liquids getting into your eyes.

  • Prescription safety glasses for splash protection need some kind of seal around the eyes.
  • The Wiley X Climate Control series is a great solution for splash protection because they have a removable foam facial cavity seal that will stop liquids from getting into your eyes. The downside to the Climate Controls for splash protection is that the foam can absorb fluids and hold them against your skin. The foam can also be hard to clean, and it’s possible that certain chemicals will dissolve the foam.
  • Prescription safety goggles, which can be found in our “Prescription Safety Glasses” section, are the best choice for splash protection. They have full coverage around your eyes and offer enough of a seal to protect your eyes even if you continue to work after being splashed, before you get the chance to wipe your face.
  • Polycarbonate lens material is very chemical resistant, and glass is even moreso. The problem with glass is that it is harder to do in wraparound style frames and even harder to do in goggles. Polycarbonate is generally the best choice for splash protection. The main thing that you should avoid ever getting on polycarbonate lenses is ammonia. It will crack and spiderweb the lenses.
  • If you’re ordering prescription safety glasses for splash protection, do not get any sorts of coatings or tints except scratch coating. Any other coatings on the outside of the lenses will make them more sensitive to chemicals and aging.

Splash protection is very important in certain chemical handling situations and should be taken very seriously. Most people sacrifice the “cool” looks for safety when it comes to splash protection. For one, they’re generally wearing a lab coat or apron with the glasses anyway (which sort of ruins the “biker” look of a pair of Wiley X glasses), and they are also generally not wearing the glasses after they’re done needing splash protection.

If you are interested in ordering prescription safety glasses for splash protection, we strongly recommend going with a pair of prescription safety goggles. Your eyes will be safest, and the glasses may save your vision if the need arises.

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