Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses were once the height of women’s fashion and they are making a comeback in a major way.

The Return of the Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are a women’s eyeglasses style from the 1950’s and 60’s where the outside edge of the frame is flared upward. They were created as a way of beautifying women’s eyeglasses in a feminine way. The up-swept shape of the glasses was made to accentuate the shape of women’s eyes, making them feline in appearance. These glasses were popularized by celebrities of the day such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Audrey Hepburn in the now iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Prior to the 1950’s it was common for most glasses to be simply designed and most styles were rounded in shape. These were more function over fashion, coming out of a post-war society. As the beauty promo below demonstrates, 40’s glasses were styled to blend in and counterbalance the shape of the face. Notice how there are only two main face shapes in this video!

A video from the 1950’s shows cat eye glasses being styled to accentuate facial features and enhance the natural color of the hair and eyes. The colors have changed from the boring metallic of the previous decade to bright colors that make a statement. The shapes are much more extravagant as well, with a lot of attention placed on the details that make the glasses unique, such as diamond accents and asymmetrical patterns.

It can definitely be said that cat eye glasses are making their mark on fashion once again in 2013. Vintage looks are infiltrating all types of fashion from clothing to housewares. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna have been seen sporting the style and it has been popping up on runways all over the world. Cat eye sunglasses in particular are making a huge splash.

These glasses will look good on almost anyone, so how do you know what pair is right for you? First, start with colors that compliment and enhance your best facial feature, like your hair or eyes. You don’t want anything that will look too harsh on your face since the shape of these glasses are pretty extreme.

Second, choose a shape that contrasts your face shape. Long faces should go for wider frames, round and square faces should wear narrow frames, diamond faces should choose frames with detailing or accents on the top. Basically choose the opposite of your face shape for balance. Third, go forth with the confidence that you look amazing!

Cat eye glasses may be the hottest trend right now, but it has a long history of making women look beautiful. Check out our website to see more cat eye styles.

What are your favorite glasses shapes?

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