Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for Large Heads

Looking for a pair of quality prescription sunglasses for a large head?

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for Large Heads

If you have an issue where most sunglasses or safety glasses tend to run a little small for you, we’ve got a great selection of Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for large heads.

Wiley X is a leading brand of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for people of all sizes performing all sorts of jobs and hobbies requiring safety. From motorcycle riding to construction, there’s a pair of Wiley X’s that’s perfect for you. Wiley X’s are even military-rated and used by American servicemen and women overseas, and they are all ANSI Z87-approved for safety in the US.

If you need prescription sunglasses for large heads, here are a few great choices of Wiley X’s:

The Wiley X Jake:

The Jake is in Wiley X’s Climate Control series, so this pair of prescription sunglasses for large heads not only gives you the safety of ANSI Z87, it offers a removable facial cavity seal to block out wind, dust, and debris from getting under the lens. The Climate Control Series was designed for motorcycle riding but is used for other safety applications as well.

The Wiley X Airborne:

This is another Climate Control pair of prescription sunglasses for large heads. The Airborne is a curvier style for those looking for that tall-framed look.

The Wiley X Rout:

The Rout is the third large-fit style in Wiley X’s Climate Control series. This style is particularly popular and the largest of the Wiley X Climate Controls.

The Wiley X Zak:

The Zak is a classic Wiley X style, featuring all the curves and corners most people seek in a pair of sunglasses, plus the added assurance of the Wiley X brand’s quality.

The Wiley X Gravity:

This is a new addition to the Wiley X line. The Gravity features modern curves and style to make those looking for a fresher look feel happy and comfortable in their prescription sunglasses.

If you have a large head and want a quality pair of prescription sunglasses that’ll both protect you and stand the test of time, these Wiley X prescription sunglasses for large heads are a great place to start shopping.

If you have any questions about our Wiley X prescription sunglasses or which ones are best for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department by calling in or leaving a comment below.

Our line of Wiley X prescription sunglasses has been our most consistent seller and the set of glasses most consistently re-purchased and highly rated on our site. If you’re looking for a solid pair of sunglasses, Wiley X’s are for you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

  1. Tony says:

    I was led to believe that curved lenses aren’t suitable for prescription lenses as they tend to distort the wearers vision

    • SanMartin says:

      Hi Tony,

      There is no issue with prescription on curved lenses, they work as well as non curve ones.

  2. Chai Chua says:

    Hi, Im interested to know if the Wiley X frames have an adjustable nose bridge? I have a rather broad face and sometime the frame touches my cheekbones which is uncomfortable.


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