MRI Compatible Prism Glasses

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, test. It uses pulses of radio wave energy and a magnetic field to photograph internal organs, joints, blood vessels, bones, and more, providing more detailed images than is usually possible with an X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan. The MRI is a commonly-used and very valuable diagnostic tool in today’s medical industry, and one often preferred by patients because it is relatively non-evasive and completely painless. One simply lies on a table that retracts into a tubular structure that contains the scanners and equipment used for internal photographs…nothing touches the individual undergoing the scan.

Prism Glasses that are MRI Compatible

One drawback to an MRI, however, is that aspect of being “cooped up” inside the tube. For people who suffer from a general discomfort with tightly-confined spaces, mild or intense claustrophobia, or for young children who may be frightened by the process, an MRI can be stressful indeed. A different, more exposed machine called an “open MRI” can sometimes alleviate these concerns, but open MRI units are not available in all areas, and may not be covered under your health insurance.

If you or someone you care about is scheduled to undergo a standard MRI and is nervous about the process, there’s an affordable and fairly low-tech solution to the problem of tight confinement: prism glasses. Typically used for people with mobility issues or for anyone who wants to read or watch television while lying flat in bed, prism glasses adjust your field of vision 90 degrees…functioning somewhat like a periscope, and allowing you to see at a right angle. While wearing these glasses, your eyes can face the ceiling, yet see the wall beyond your feet.

As mentioned, this works great in allowing anyone who must remain prone in bed to engage in activity. They can lie flat and still watch a television mounted on the wall at the foot of their bed, or prop a book, handheld video game, e-reader, magazine, or newspaper on their chest and still be able to read it. But the benefits of prism glasses extend to the MRI patient.

Instead of staring at the antiseptic, close-in interior of the internals of the MRI machine, a patient can have a view of the room outside of the MRI tube. This can make a huge difference for anyone who feels trapped by the close confines of the machine, or for the child who can be comforted by the light and space available just outside of the machine. Relaxation and comfort is a necessary part of the MRI process, as the patient must remain still while the photography procedure is active.

If a pair of prism glasses can ease the stress of an MRI for you or yours, visit Rx-Safety to purchase a pair. Two different styles are available: regular prism glasses for those with 20/20 vision or fitover prism glasses, which are designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses. They’re an amazingly affordable solution to a potentially disruptive issue. Better yet, they don’t have to be a “one-time use” item; you’ll be shocked at how useful they can be at home, and how much fun, too!

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