Titmus Prescription Safety Eyewear Now Available at Rx-Safety.com

Rx-Safety is proud to welcome Titmus (also known as Uvex) to our lineup of quality prescription safety eyewear companies. Founded in 1908 in Petersburg, Virginia, Titmus Optical has served the optical community for well over a century. Ownership of the company belonged, at various times, to Sperian Protection of Paris, France, and the famed Zeiss Corporation of Oberkocken, Germany. Currently the parent company of Titmus is Honeywell.

The Titmus product line encompasses about 70 eyewear styles, all of which are designed as safety glasses and all of which meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard. Quality control is of such importance to Titmus that they go far beyond the basic ANSI Z87.1 standard requirement of performing an initial product test. Instead, Titmus continuously tests products on a rotating basis. This insures that their products are always in compliance even if changes or modification have been made to a production process. And it guarantees that every pair of safety glasses they produce work as they should, every time.

Rx-Safety is launching our Titmus line-up with their bestselling SWRx collection of safety frames, first introduced in 2005. We offer the option of purchasing the standard Titmus models or the frames only, for fitting purposes or for the installation of prescription lenses. These initial models include:

Titmus SW07

Titmus SW07

  • Frame is made of injection molded nylon with no metal content.
  • Features dust dam insert and adjustable strap.https://rx-safety.com/shop/master-safety-glasses/safety-brands/titmus-safety-glasses/titmus-sw07-prescription-safety-glasses/
  • Integral extended shield design protects peripherally.
  • Available in Blue, Brown, or Gunmetal.
  • Size is 60.13.127.
  • Replacement temples are available.

Titmus SW08

Titmus SW08

  • Frame is made of handmade acetate with wrapped endpieces.
  • No side shields required because temple coverage meets requirements.
  • Available in Black, Brown, or Tortoise.
  • Sizes include 53.17.110 and 56.17.115.


Titmus SW09

  • New model that is close-fitting and features ratcheting temples.
  • Features foam gasket and interchangeable temples and headband
  • No side shields required because temple coverage meets requirements.
  • Available in Black, Red, or Blue.
  • Sizes include 56.21.127 and 59.21.127.

Check out these exciting Titmus styles at Rx-Safety.com, and be sure to check back as we’re sure to add more stylish Titmus products in the near future.

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