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Picking any “best of” list is a dangerous activity. “Best” is a subjective term, open to individual interpretation, and people certainly do feel a strong propriety interest in anything they think deserves the crown. Determining the “best” of anything also requires some clarification as to criteria. For instance, in sifting out the best prescription safety glasses, one needs to narrow the focus a bit. The best in terms of reviews and owner feedback? The best sellers? The best safety ratings? The best styles?

In deference to those who already have a favorite – and in a selfish attempt to not play favorites myself – I will not rate the following brands of prescription safety glasses in any kind of order. Instead, I’ve assembled a list of the premium prescription safety eyewear manufacturers who have earned the right to fight for bragging rights in the industry. All of them address safety issues in different areas of expertise, maintain the highest ANSI Z87.1 standards, have carved out a niche by highlighting quality and performance, and have stood the test of time.


WILEY X – As a global leader on the forefront of technology, Wiley X has been around for over twenty years, creating stylish and cutting-edge safety eyewear for just about any activity. As a family and U.S. veteran-founded organization, Wiley X is proud to supply those in the military with Ballistic VO impact-certified glasses and goggles.

OAKLEY – Recognized as one of the most coveted brands in both fashion and performance technology, Oakley is the go-to brand for world-class athletes and competitors. Oakley is an iconic name with a well-earned reputation for performance.


BOBSTER – A relative newcomer to the industry (they’ve only been around for eighteen years), Bobster has secured a place on this list as a specialist in the design of performance eyewear for active lifestyles and extreme activities. Bobster is distributed in over thirty countries and is a favorite amongst motorcyclists, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and powersport participants.


SMITH OPTICS ELITE – The choice of explorers and adventurers the world over, Smith Optics Elite’s mission since 1965 has been to design, engineer, and manufacture high performance eyewear for those whose success – and survival – depends on clear vision. Their products are field-tested to be sure they can endure years of strenuous service.


ESS – Eye Safety Systems creates advanced eye protection systems for the military, law enforcement, fire/rescue, and shooting-sport markets. They’re the only authorized eyewear provider to the United States Marine Corps and a leading supplier to all other branches of the U.S. Department of Defense.


ARMOURX – Developed by one of Canada’s leading eyewear companies, Armourx combines fashion and unique designs for safety eyewear in the workplace. They carry multiple lines that run the gamut from the basic to the most advanced…all of the stylish and functional.


ONGUARD – OnGuard Safety is a leading provider of protective eyewear for industrial and sports applications. It offers the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of prescription frames in the eyewear field.


BODY SPECS – With over thirty years of experience, the parent company of Body Specs created them as a spin-off company with a specialization in safety markets, including military and law enforcement, tactical personnel, shooting, hunting, and motorcycle enthusiasts.


FUGLIES – A specialist in safety sunglasses that protect from peripheral sun glare and wind-blown dust and sand. Fuglies produces wraparound styles with foam rubber inserts for comfort and vented frames to reduce fogging. Added bonus, especially if you’re a boater or fisherman – Fuglies float!

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