Three Good Reasons To Invest in Nike Prescription Glasses

As we all know, eyewear is a substantial investment no matter what brand you choose. So when presented with some big decisions like how much to spend and which style to pick, a bit of investigation might reveal some amazing and unexpected reasons to go with Nike prescription glasses.

1. Style: Let’s face it—it’s hard to top Nike Glasses when it come to style. There might not be anything else to be said about this, but let’s try: whether the look is trendy and vintage or trendy and contemporary, or a hybrid look merging elements of both, Nike does its research. And probably nowhere in the fashion industry is combination more important a factor than in eyewear design. Because of necessary limitations in color and shape—triangular neon glasses, for example, would have a very specific niche—it’s the time-tested colors and shapes combined in new and exciting ways that create innovation. And no one’s better than Nike at discovering how color and design complement each other—a quick but breathtaking online perusal of current options might just be all it takes to convince you. Whether it’s the swirls in their tortoise shell or their bold solids used back-to-back, their choices are always trend-setting.

2. Reliability: Just a few quality keywords here—pin hinge, five-barrel hinge, injected temples, spring hinges. A primary area of focus is the all-important hinge, of course, and the operative word for Nike is always durability.

3. Social Change: This one catches many people off guard—and after some quick online research, it’s a huge reason people often choose to go with Nike. A notable example is the We See program, a hugely ambitious South-African-based endeavor providing vision correction to children, most of whom have never before known what it like was to see clearly.

And these kids are getting fashion eyewear, sure, but their teachers are also reporting big improvements in their schoolwork.

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