Is Anti-Reflective Coating or Polarized Prescription Sunglasses a Feature to Invest In?

When picking out prescription sunglasses, sometimes the extras and the choices you have may be overwhelming. Anti-reflective coating, polarization, mirror coating, UV protection, and scratch coating are just a few of the choices. However, when it comes to you eye protection, you want the very best. Here are a few tips on choosing features such as an anti-reflective coating or polarized prescription sunglasses.

First of all, each of these choices have benefits. For instance, anti-reflective lenses work to reduce the glare you see, as well as reflections. This is particularly helpful to those who have issues with working in front of a computer screen all day or driving at night. It also makes the lenses look more transparent – like they are not even there. This is great if you are under lights that cause glare on your lenses.

Polarized lenses have benefits as well. They work to enhance the contrast yet remove glare. These are especially ideal for outdoor sports where the sun is glaring down and these will work well for those who do a lot of driving in the bright sun. Polarized lenses reduce glare by using a chemical film that coats the lens. This allows you more depth perception and less glare. A lot of fishermen like polarized lenses because you can see more into the water instead of seeing the reflection on top of the water.

No matter which options you choose, investing in features like polarization or AR coating is always a good idea. These features help you see better, make your eyes more comfortable, helps keep the sun out, and in some cases, even allows you to look as if you’re not wearing glasses at all.

If you want to learn more about your prescription sunglasses options, simply contact us and we can help.

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