Eyeglass Tech Articles: Are Transition Glasses or Sunglasses the Right Fit?

If you wear glasses or even sunglasses, you may have heard about transitions but are not sure how they work. Some people may not even realize what it is that these eyeglasses and sunglasses do. Without having to wade through eyeglass tech articles here is what you should know about transition glasses and if they are the right fit for your lifestyle.

What Exactly are Transition Glasses?

Simply put, transitions change with your day. If you are indoors, then you have regular vision and a clear lens but once you step into bright, outdoor light, the transitions change and ensure that you see through a shaded or tinted lens.

This advanced technology has been around a while but it still works flawlessly. It protects your eyes from UV rays that are harmful and allow you to go from indoors to outdoors without having to take off your glasses and put on sunglasses – best of all, you still have the same prescription so your eyesight isn’t affected by the special lenses or the change in light.

This technology uses something called photochromic dye which is what activates the change in the lenses. They lighten when you come indoors or at night and darken in the sunlight. As each condition changes, the transitions lenses adjust perfectly, allowing the amount of tint you need for outdoors or no tint for the evening hours or indoors.

The amount of tint you get is typically a dark to medium tint and the amount indoors is clear, just like you have with regular prescription glasses.

What About Style?

There are plenty of styles available when choosing lenses with adaptive qualities, or transition lenses. For instance, the St. Moritz Petite 002 Transition Reading Glasses for women feature a stylish look with a choice of colors such as coffee or black and lilac. It has an additional color on the frame and spring hinges, as well as the inside of the frame. So you might choose the lilac and black and have the lilac inside the frame with the black as the predominant color.

Another choice is the Ferris Transition Reading Glasses. These stylish glasses are perfect for the beach, indoors, or wherever you need them and come in red, black, or brown. The rectangular frame is innovative yet they still feature the UVA and UVB protection that your eyes need.

Sunglasses Too!

Transitions aren’t just for reading glasses or regular eyeglasses. Prescription sunglasses are also available in transitions such as the sporty Nike Rabid 22 Prescription Sunglasses. These sunglasses have a myriad of options such as:

Nike Rabid 22 Sunglasses DV2371-010-angleleft
  • A Variety of Frame Colors – Matte Black with Dark gray lens, Black Frame with Silver Flash Lens, Matte Black Frame with Field Tint Lens, Matte Black Frame with Red Mirror Lens, Matte Dark Gray Frame with Blue Mirror Lens, Matte Sequoia Frame with Green Mirror Lens.
  • Lens Options – Single vision, bifocals, and progressive bifocals.
  • Tints – Clear, Transitions Gray or brown, polarized gray or brown, Transition Xtractive, Transition Vantage, DriveWear, light gray, dark gray, Tan C, American Gray, and yellow.
  • Material – Choose Polycarbonate or High Index Plastic.
  • Extras – Extras are available such as anti-reflective coating, scratch coating, UV protection, red mirror coating, blue mirror coating, silver mirror coating, anti-fog coating, and green mirror coating.

As you can see, these glasses really offer it all, including the option of transitions lenses and they’re the stylish Nike brand as an added bonus.

Making the Decision

If you are considering transition glasses, keep in mind that they’re perfect for a busy lifestyle where you don’t want to have to keep changing your lenses just because you’re in and out a lot. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about having your sunglasses nearby since these will change with your needs.

If you want to learn more about transition lenses or anything else to do with sunglasses or eyeglasses on our site, simply contact us so we can help.

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