Do You Know How To Identify Prescription Safety Glasses?


Would you say that one of your most valued or appreciated assets is your vision? This is what many people say. However, some of these same people do not take the safety precautions when it is necessary to do so.

Over ninety percent of injuries to the eyes can be prevented when the proper safety glasses are worn. Those who are already required to wear prescription eyeglasses can make the decision to ask about prescription safety glasses. Your regular prescription eyeglasses will not be able to protect all angles of your eyes the way prescription safety glasses can.

Unfortunately, some people do not know the difference between regular prescription eyeglasses and prescription safety glasses. It is important that everyone knows how to identify prescription safety glasses.

Prescription safety glasses are able to offer more protection than regular eyeglasses because of the level of impact resistance. The best lenses to choose when it comes to prescription safety glasses are polycarbonate lenses. These are the lenses that can offer you the best form of impact resistance.

The impact resistance is not only greater in the lenses, but the frames as well. Safety glasses have to be held to a higher standard than regular eyeglasses because they have to meet certain requirements, especially because these glasses are used in many workplaces and classrooms.

Regular prescription eyeglasses cannot be used as safety glasses unless they meet certain requirements, and these requirements are usually very specific.

On The Job

It is important that anyone who needs to wear safety glasses knows how to find the right eyewear for that particular job. There are certain professions that require safety glasses with a high impact resistance. Some of the professionals who need to wear these types of safety glasses include the following:

  • Those who work in the mechanical industry
  • Carpenters
  • Pipe fitters

Safety glasses are not the only type of eyewear that can be used on a job. Some workers prefer prescription safety goggles. Regardless of the choice, all of the safety standards should be met before wearing the eyewear.

Wearing Them For Other Activities

There are other activities that will require you to have a durable and effective pair of safety glasses to ensure safety. If you love to hunt, fish, shoot, or anything else that poses a safety risk, you should certainly have safety glasses. You will also be able to select the appropriate type of lenses for these glasses.

If you are using these glasses for an outdoor sport or activity, you will probably need to wear lenses that will do a great job of reflecting sunlight or anything else that can be a distraction and safety hazard.

There are certain activities that require you to be completely focused; any slight distraction can cause you to make a mistake. There are various sport and activity lenses that can make a huge difference, regardless of what you are participating in.

The tint in the lenses will do a great job of removing any type of glare. When you do not have to worry about glare getting in the way of your activities, you will feel more comfortable because your eyes are comfortable.

Sometimes, when wearing safety glasses, unexpected things can happen and the smallest thing can be caught in your eye. This is why so many people choose to wear prescription safety glasses with wraparound frames.

The same safety eyewear that is comfortable and effective for one person may not be effective for you. This is why it is important to know how to identify safety glasses and choose the glasses or goggles that are appropriate for you. Contact us today if you are ready to make the right decision on safety glasses.

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