Do You Have The Prescription Safety Glasses You Need?

Did your mother or your father ever take things away from you because she was afraid you would poke yourself in your eye? Did she ever take something from you because she was worried you would take someone else’s eye out? You probably told her you were careful and you were not going to hurt anyone. Now, you are working in an environment where it is possible someone’s eye can be taken out.

There are so many eye-related injuries every year, and men are more likely to have an injury to the eye than women. Typically, eye injuries are caused by various objects or work equipment. Eye injuries can also be caused debris and chemicals.

The number of injuries is definitely astonishing, but it is definitely shocking to know that some of the injuries occurred because employees did not wear their non-prescription or prescription safety glasses. Many employees do not want to wear their safety glasses because they do not like the way they fit. For some people, the glasses are too tight and the glasses are too loose for others, Some people also say they have headaches from wearing the safety glasses and they will rather not wear them.

There are several other reasons employees give for not wanting to wear their safety glasses, such as excessive fogging, scratched lenses, and blurred vision. Sometimes employers brush off the concerns and think that the workers are making a big deal out of nothing. However, these are legitimate concerns that should not be ignored.

When things bother people or annoy them, they will want to do whatever they can to make that annoyance go away. In this case, this means workers will immediately take off their safety glasses as soon as they become bothered by them.

If the safety glasses they are wearing were not a hindrance and they were not annoying, what would the workers have to complain about? They are complaining for a reason. Once employers actually listen to the complaints and really take everything into consideration, something positive can be done.

The safety glasses are not something that should just be handed out to the workers. There are plenty things that need to be taken into consideration. When dealing with workers, you will find that some have already been prescribed prescriptions for contact lenses or eyeglasses. These workers will need safety glasses that can be fitted with the proper prescription lenses.

Your workers will need to be able to see in order to complete their work, and no one really wants to wear prescription eyeglasses and a pair of safety glasses. Workers will have to constantly stop to readjust their glasses. They may also find themselves bothered with excessive fogging and scratches.

We understand that some workers will be hesitant about wearing safety glasses because they feel they do not need them and others just do not want to be bothered by annoying safety glasses. However, if you are in charge of making sure safety measures are met, you can give all of your workers a list of options and features.

You can show them all the safety glasses they can choose from, and maybe they will feel more comfortable wearing them. If the safety glasses are something they really like, they will feel more comfortable putting them on and keeping them on. You do not want them to feel like they are being forced to wear them; you want them to wear them because they know they need to.

Nonprescription and prescription safety glasses will be the key to a safe, productive, and efficient workplace. Do you have the safety glasses you need? Contact us today.

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