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Having trouble finding that perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself? Or maybe for that someone special whose birthday is on the horizon? Regardless of the occasion, a pair of prescription sunglasses is always a good idea. The only problem is finding the right pair. Check out three of our best sellers below and get a jump-start now.


Far and away our best-selling brand of Rx sunglasses for men, the Wiley X AirRage is sleekly designed for smaller faces. They come with built-in symmetrical venting which allows cool air to enter the frame naturally, keeping you cool while out in the sun. Like almost all of our sunglasses, not only can you choose from a number of colors for the frames, but you can find the perfect tint for the lenses as well. Just make sure you choose the right tint for you so that you know what you are getting. This pair of shades, like all Wiley’s, comes with their patented removable facial cavity seal. Pollen, dust, and peripheral light can dry out and irritate eyes. But this facial cavity seal keep out the smallest of irritants and protects your eyes in the process.  Make sure to also check out the polarized version. These glasses also comes with a stylish black zippered case and cleaning cloth to keep them safe as well as T-peg elastic strap to keep them in place in case you decide to go for a run.

Bobster Ambush II Prescription Safety Sunglasses in a matte black frame with smoke lenses. Angled left side


Not to be outdone, here is our highest selling pair of Rx Sunglasses for women. The Ava’s classic shape is a great fit for nearly all female faces and has a timeless quality to it so you know they’ll never og out of style. But don’t start thinking that they’re just for looks, this pair of versatile sunglasses has far more to offer. The lenses are specially treated with an anti-fog coating to keep your vision clear while going for a run or taking a leisurely dip in a hot tub. And don’t worry about sweating and while wearing these fancy frames and having them slip off your face. The arms detach near the temples and can be replaced by a strap to keep them in place in case you ever worry about losing them while out on a boat or bike ride. And if that’s not your style, the frames themselves have been specially designed to be lightweight and flexible while not sacrificing comfort. This is due to durable grilamid frame and the rubber tipped temples and nose piece to help prevent slippage and general discomfort. Like the men’s pair above you can choose between a variety of colors for both the frames and lenses as well as a slew of special coatings. Not your style? Then maybe check out other great sunglasses for women here.

7 Eye Blake Black Tortoise Gray Lenses Prescription Sunglasses RX Safety

Perhaps the two pairs above are not for you or your loved one. Maybe you want something a little more extreme, a pair of sunglasses that can keep up with your extreme lifestye. Well, if you grew up wearing glasses then you know how difficult – and dangerous – it can be to play live that kind of life without a pair of shades that are up to the task. If that’s the case then look no further the Seaspecs. The Seaspecs non-elastic, easily adjustable, and comfortable secure straps will keep this protective pair of shades on your face no matter the activity. Surfing, skiing, snowboarding, jet skiing, white water rafting, this pair of shades will keep your eyes safe and your vision clear no matter how you decide to have fun. Like the above shades, the tint of the lenses can be chosen depending on how and where you want to use them and what you need them to achieve in order for you to have a fun time while still being safe. They even float!

Hope you enjoyed this quick foray into some of our best-selling items. If they weren’t for you we have many more just waiting to be discovered. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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