Why Wiley X Youth Force Sport Glasses are worth the Money

The last thing in the world you want for your kids is to be limited by their need for glasses. It’s not the 50s anymore and kids with glasses can have just as much fun in active and even rough-and-tumble activities like sports or even pool parties. Glasses have come a long way in the last few decades from unbreakable lenses to indestructible custom frames and your kids deserve the benefit of these technological advancements. It’s okay if your child needs vision correction and they can do anything they want even if they’re too young for contacts or simply don’t like to wear them. The answer lies in incredibly sturdy glasses that provide a strong comfortable grip to survive even the most enthusiastic after school soccer game.

Wiley X Glasses

Needing to correct your vision says nothing about your other capabilities. People with bad eyesight are strong, brave, and active in every kind of recreational and occupational sphere. Wiley X is a family owned company founded by veterans to provide a prescription, tactical, and safety glasses solution. There are thousands of activities standard manufacturers of glasses frames simply haven’t considered, but we have. We strive to provide frames and lenses that will serve you through whatever your everyday life looks like, from motorcycles to sports to active military duty.

Wiley X for Kids

While Wiley X may have started with the needs of eye prescription in military scenarios in mind, we know that everyone has serious activities they enjoy, and nowhere is that more true than with children. Even without organized games and sports teams, children will run, play, climb, and teach themselves new tricks. From youth group rock climbing tricks to learning to flip on the trampoline, you want your kids to be able to be able to see while they play without worrying about glasses replacement should something go wrong, and so does Wiley X. That’s why they developed their Youth Force line of sports glasses for kids. Smaller, stylish, and with more custom color options, your kids can have the experiences and great vision they deserve.

Our Excellent Safety Standard

When judging the safety of a pair of glasses, the American Academy of Ophthalmology takes ratings very seriously. If you want to be sure that a pair of frames or your lens material meets certain activity standards, you can always check the rating. For sports protective eyewear, they have defined safety by a few standards based on the kinds of sports you expect to play in the glasses. Every one of the Youth Force line has been rated ASTM F803 safe because Wiley X doesn’t just say they’re making sports glasses, they really do it. Prescription glasses with the F803 rating provide the approved level of protection for everything from field hockey to baseball.

Wearing Your Sports Glasses to Class

If you don’t want your child constantly switching between their sports glasses and class glasses, they don’t have to! Wiley X is an industry leader in versatility when it comes to prescription safety glasses, and this is especially important for kids. For glasses that stay on no matter how active your sports games might get, each of the Youth Force models has a button-release for the earpieces and comes with an easy-replace strap turning the glasses into effective no-slip sports goggles that still have comfortable breathable sides. Then, when it’s time to dress out and head back to class, the earpieces can be clipped right back into place and the goggle-strap is stored back in the case.

Rubberized Comfort

One of the biggest risks wearing your glasses on the field is the face-impact. Accidental balls, elbows, or knees to the bridge of your nose smarts quite a bit as metal or thin plastic nose pieces get jammed into the front of your face and side-hits can be similarly uncomfortable. The Fortunately, Wiley X has thought of this one, too. Each pair of Youth Force frames is equipped with soft and thick rubber padding at the nose bridge and temple tips to promote both a firm grip and excellent comfort even if your child falls into a tumble of kids diving for the ball.

Choosing Your Frames

When you’re ready for a pair of Youth Force glasses, Wiley X has ensured there are 5 unique styles to choose from and at least one is bound to be the right design for your active child. Adult frames often come in only a few muted color options but building a strong personal image is important to growing kids. For this reason, Wiley X has made sure that every style of youth frames comes in a wide selection of vivid colors. The styles include the Crush, Flash, Fierce, Gamer, and Victory models

The Force Leap

Our Force Leap model features wide rectangular lenses with a solid frame and broad earpieces. Each Crush design is primarily black accented by a bright color along the and the detachable back half of the ear pieces in a stylish swept-back effect.

For serious kids and fans of the color red, or Gloss Black/Red frames have shiny black rims and nose pieces accented in red detachable earpieces. The Matte Grey / Neon Yellow frames feature muted non-reflective grey frames with bright yellow nose pieces and tech-style yellow and gray ear pieces for kids who like that electric look and the same design is reflected in the Matte Gray / Blue frames with a vivid blue.

All that said, perhaps the coolest Crush frames are the Glow model, which literally glows in the dark after charging up in bright sunlight.

The Flash

The Youth Force Flash model has our distinctive wide rectangular lenses with a gently rounded exterior making it easy for blows, tumbles, and balls to glance safely off the frames. Each color choice is not only unique in hue but also has a personalized style.

For some kids being unique means staying cool with solid black frames, and the flash Graphite / Black option can bring this to them with a combination of shiny black and lightly textured graphite for that super chill look. Hard-playing girly girls, on the other hand, may prefer the Rock Candy Pink frames which offer sturdy sports protection in a soft pink hue with white accents on the ear and nose pieces.

For an intense, almost aquatic appearance, the Flash Royal Blue / Lime Green frames will be absolutely unmistakable on the field while some kids won’t be able to resist the wicked lighting strikes along the sides of the Matte Black / Electric Blue Lightning frames.

The Fierce

Thick rims aren’t for everyone, and the Fierce adds a sleek trendy design to the Wiley X tradition of sturdy sports glasses. These rims are thinner and the Fierce earpieces have a somewhat more jagged-looking design. While there are only two color options for the Fierce, they are both distinct and may be the right choice for your child. The Dark Silver / Red model is almost black throughout with bright red, almost pink, nose pieces and ear piece accents while the Matte Blue Indigo / Gray frames reverse the effect with vivid blue frames throughout and bluish-gray nose and ear pieces.

The Gamer

In the modern era, playing video games and playing sports are two passions that go hand in hand. The Gamer is a great sleek and practical everyday look while maintaining the same top quality for kids sports glasses complete with easy conversion to strap-on goggles. These thinner, shiny frames come in monochrome Gloss Black / Dark Silver or a cooler, subtle Matte Black / Metallic Blue.

The Victory

Our final model brings a distinct boldness to your eyewear options, daring to change how color is used, creating a distinct effect with chevrons, patterns, and inner-rims. For Kids who love to wear black and white together, there is the Gloss Black / Aluminum Pearl model which features black outer frames and trendy white inner frames to create an interesting layered appearance mirrored in the Matte Black / Lime Green frames which show green on the inner ear pieces and around the eyes, though the primary frame is black.

For girls who like pink but not tons of it, the Silver / Magenta frames are mostly a lovely shiny silver with pink nose pieces and ear piece accent. The most unique frames, however, are the Sonic Orange frames which feature a bright orange dragon curling around the black earpieces for a really cool look.

No matter what your child gets up to, you want them to have eye protection, clear vision, and absolute safety. Wiley X has put together this collection of unique frames because they understand both your desires as a parent and your child’s desire to play sports in the coolest possible glasses. With the soft sports-safe design and interchangeable goggle strap, they’ll never need to take off their glasses for sports or risk breaking a pair ever again. For more information or to check out the frames, contact us today!

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