5 Common Mistakes You Don’t Want to make when Shopping for Safety Glasses

5-Safety-Glasses-Shopping-Errors-You -Should-avoid

When shopping for protective safety equipment, it is common to want to understand the best items on the market. PPE, or personal protective equipment is a long-term investment. It takes an understanding of the protective level required and the quality of the products in question. Consumers want and need to have a thorough understanding of what they should be looking for. They want to be prepared to purchase the perfect equipment for their needs. In fact, this is exceptionally true for anyone planning to buy a high-quality pair of prescription safety glasses. For men and women, it is important to know what to expect when buying safety glasses. Equally, it is also true that they should know what not to do. In this article, we take a look at five common mistakes you don’t want to make when shopping for glasses.

1.      Don’t Buy a Pair of Safety Glasses Because of the Cheap Price Tag:

While you won’t have trouble finding good safety glasses, you don’t want to purchase them because the price looks right. Chances are, if you find safety glasses that are cheap, the quality is not up to industry standard. In fact, this usually means you will end up with glasses that break sooner than you expected them to. Additionally, they will not do an adequate job of protecting your eyes. Before you look for safety eyewear, have a budget in mind. Know what you’re willing to pay. Having a firm budget ensures that you don’t end up paying more than you need. However, be wary of any safety glasses that you see at low prices. You don’t want to have to deal with buying cheap safety glasses. They may become damaged quickly. This forces you to go back and spend money on better glasses.

2.      Don’t Forget to Take into Account the Lighting Conditions of the Environment You’ll be in:

Consider the environment you need your prescription safety glasses for. Think about the lighting you experience when wearing safety glasses. Also, you need to take into account the lighting conditions of the environment you’ll be in before you can find safety glasses that will effectively protect your eyes. You can invest in an expensive pair of safety glasses. But if you don’t have appropriate lens shades for the environment’s conditions, you simply won’t have the right protection for your eyes. If you work outdoors, pick safety glasses that come with a smoke or gray tint. Sometimes, you will be in dimly lit areas. In this case, choose lenses with colors such as brown, amber, or yellow. If you work indoors, clear lenses always tend to be best. Finally, if you work in environments with all kinds of lighting, you might want to invest in glasses that come with interchangeable lenses.

3.      Purchase Protective EyeWear That Meets Safety Standards:

In order for you to confidently invest in a pair of safety glasses, you need to make sure that any eye wear you choose meets the appropriate industry standards for safety. Your safety eyewear should meet or exceed safety standards of ANSI Z87.1. The only way to know if glasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified is if it says they are in the product description. Make sure the safety glasses you are looking at are compliant with the industry standards for safety, rather than just conventional glasses that have been fitted with strong prescription lenses.

4.      Do Not Be Cautious About the Relationship Between Prescription and Polarized Lenses:

Polarized lenses are a perfectly good option for most people working outdoors. While performing sports in bright daylight, or riding their motorcycle in the sunshine, people who wear prescription lenses want to be cautious about polarized lenses. If you wear prescription lenses in addition to polarized lenses, it often makes it difficult to clearly see things such as LED screens. This can become dangerous in certain work settings. If your eyesight requires corrective lenses, it is recommended that you only choose non-polarized safety glasses so you won’t have to worry about distorted vision while at work.

5.      Don’t Pick Safety Glasses That Don’t Offer Necessary Information:

It is common for shoppers to settle on the first pair of safety glasses they see. They do this regardless of whether or not they offer any real protection or benefits. Whether you are shopping online for safety glasses or shopping locally at a store, you need to know the product details before you buy. Only consider purchasing safety glasses that provide a brief paragraph describing the basics of the eye wear in the product listing. They should also have product details. They should include information such as ANSI safety standards, lens colors, lens material, frame material, and other unique features.

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