Six Advantages of Real Glass Eyeglass Lenses

Choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is more difficult than one might think. In addition to choosing a style that you like and that works ideally with your wardrobe and fashion choices, you also have to make sure that the material used to create the eyeglass lenses is actually what you need to optimize effectiveness.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of materials available for lenses can make that choice seem difficult. In addition, plenty of technical terminology further complicates the decision. It’s almost as if eyeglass manufacturers have a stake in selling you glasses they make the most profit on, rather than options that work best for the customer.

We want to stop and reverse that trend. In fact, we believe that choosing the right type of lens is one of the most important decisions you can make when choosing your eyewear. To help in that regard, keep reading to learn about six core advantages of real glass lenses. In addition to these benefits, you can optimize each pair you get for your exact needs, by finding an eyeglass vendor that has your best interests in mind.

1) Scratch Resistance

First things first: because of the core nature of the material, glass lenses tend to be much more scratch resistant than their plastic counterparts. Especially if you work or spend time in environments that could lead to scratched lenses, this is a crucial advantage to keep in mind in order to optimize your next eyewear purchase.

Scratching your glasses is easier than you think. Simply spending time in a dusty environment or using the wrong lens cleaning cloth can lead to small but persistent scratches in plastic lenses. With a glass alternative, that will not be an issue.

One caveat is important to notice at this point: you are able to add a scratch-resistant coating even to plastic glasses. However, that represents an additional step that costs money. Glass eyeglass lenses come with their scratch resistance built-in, making them a more natural fit for anyone looking to maintain a clear vision over time.

2) Longer Durability

There’s a reason that traditionally, most lenses have been made from glass. Plastic may have increased in popularity over the last few years, and certainly has its own advantages to consider. However, durability is one area in which glass lenses will always win the battle between the two alternatives.

Simply put, most glass lenses last longer than their plastic alternative. That’s in large part due to factors like the scratch resistance mentioned above, but also because of the nature of the material itself. They do include a danger of shattering, but as long as you avoid exposing them to drops or pressure, you will get more from your initial investment when you go with glass.

3) Clarity over Time

Over time, owners of plastic lenses experience a common problem: their once-clear lenses suddenly begin to develop a thin, hazed coating that makes it more difficult to see with maximum clarity. UV exposure can accelerate this problem, but even glasses without extended exposure will see their clarity dip by anaverage of 20 percent over the course of 36 months.

These types of problems are related to age and discoloration. With real glass lenses, you will not have that problem. Instead, glass remains in its current state as long as it’s regularly cleaned, which means you will never have to worry about a lack of clarity. Even if you don’t plan on getting a new pair for the next few years, you can feel confident knowing that the same pair you purchase now will still work as well five years down the road.

4) Less Necessary Maintenance

Because of some of the above points, glass lenses tend to require less general maintenance and cleaning. You will not have to worry nearly as much about potential scratches, films or other problems that plague owners of prescription eyewear all too often.

Make no mistake: you still have to clean your glass lenses. However, that cleaning procedure is far less complicated and tends to be necessary less frequent than with some of the alternative materials available for most frames. As a result, you can be more worry-free in owning your glasses, while maximizing their effect on your vision.

5) Precise Light Distribution

In addition to the maintenance required, real glass eyeglass lenses also tend to offer better vision than some of their counterparts. That is especially obvious when it comes to the distribution of light.

We have to be clear here: all materials you find do a good job in distributing light, just as all headphones you can buy in a store probably play the music you want. But it’s the quality of that music (or light, in the case of eyewear) that matters. Here, glass is the better material because it ensures that the light is distributed optimally, helping you see more clearly and effectively.

6) Affordable Price

In recent years, some plastic alternatives have entered the market that aim to counter some of the drawbacks experienced by traditional plastic lenses. You might have heard about polycarbonate lenses as a common option for safety and athletic eyewear.

However, glass lenses do retain significant advantages compared to these alternatives. Above all, they are cheaper, helping you save costs on the lens itself that can be re-invested into a better, more stylish or more functional frame. Regardless of how you look at it, glass lenses retain at least some benefits and advantages compared to all other options on the market.

How to Optimize Your Real Glass Eyeglass Lensesfor Maximum Effectiveness

Choosing to go with glass eye lenses, of course, is only your first stop in finding the perfect option for your vision. These glasses also stand out because they are ideal for bifocal and trifocal lenses, allowing for a blending of various prescription strengths that is more natural and requires less manual adjustment. In addition, they can be thinner depending on your prescription and the exact type of glass used.

The key, then, is optimizing your general need and specific prescription according to the options available for them. For instance, you might be able to add a coating or bifocal ability that enhances your vision in a way that fits your specific situation.

To get to that point, it makes sense to talk to an eye doctor. Optometrists know about the various lens types and can make a recommendation that is unique to your situation and needs. Then, take that recommendation to go to the fun part: shopping for glasses you both love and need.

Finding the Right Glass Lenses For Your Needs and Frame

How can you make sure that the glasses you choose end up right for you? Above all, you need a store you can count on and trust. Ideally, that store would have plenty of options for you to choose from, ensuring you can find exactly what you need and what matches your style. And of course, convenient online shopping with an ironclad return policy would be nice.

  1. Dale says:

    When I got my first glasses, glass lenses were commonly used, and my first few pair were glass. Then plastic lenses became popular, and all my glasses had plastic.
    I discovered that you offer glass, so a few months ago I purchased some, and had you install then in a frame of mine.
    My vision is so much sharper than with the plastic lenses, and the additional thickness, and weight are not all that bad. I actually like the look of thicker lenses. So I am back to wearing real glasses!

  2. congi_t says:

    Real glasses itself does have superior scratch resistance but how about one with AR coatings, how scratch sensitive the AR coating itself is?

    • Estefania Sanmartin says:

      Hi Congi,

      Anti-reflective coating on glasses is not the same as a scratch coating. However, Anti-reflective coatings have been designed to more readily resist scratches.

  3. rxsafety says:

    Thank you. You can find out more about Real glass lenses by going to this page.

  4. Emily Clark says:

    Wow nice information for buying sunglasses. Also, Cork Sunglasses are on my wish list. I choose the best collection of stylish Cork Sunglasses from “Shade Tree Glasses” for my father last week. No other brand offers these types of excellent shades in its price range.

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