Prescription Baseball Sports Glasses for Kids

Do you have a young baseball star in your home who also has to wear prescription eyeglasses? Are you trying to determine what type of eyewear he needs to wear on the field? Is your son’s current pair of glasses getting in the way of your son’s talent on the field? If your son is constantly worried about his prescription eyeglasses falling off or breaking, now may be the perfect time to shift your attention to eyewear alternatives.

Clear vision is a critical asset for athletes, regardless of the sport. Every year, thousands of youths suffer an eye injury or eye damage while participating in a sport. Many of the injuries will require the athlete to receive treatment in an emergency room. Thankfully, the majority of these injuries can be prevented with the proper eyewear.

Young Athletes and Eye Injuries

Children look for their parents and their coaches to look out for the safety and the health of their eyes. Injuries to the eye are a major cause of blindness in children. Many of the injuries that occur in children are a result of participating in a sport. Despite the significant risk of injuries to the eyes, many leagues have not made protective eyewear a requirement. This means there are countless eyes that will not be protected during a youth baseball game.

Common Eye Injuries In Youth Sports

In baseball, blunt trauma is one of the major sports eye injuries. Blunt trauma can occur when a baseball hits the eye or anywhere near the eye. Blunt trauma can lead to a retina becoming detached, broken bones, or a damaged eyeball. Baseball players are constantly being exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, and too much exposure can result in a radiation injury.

What Types Of Youth Prescription Sports Glasses Are Available?

When helping your child select sports glasses for baseball, we recommend that you point your child in the direction of wraparound sports glasses, especially the glasses that will have impact-resistant lenses. Sports glasses that are equipped with a head strap will keep your son’s eyewear from slipping, sliding, or falling completely off during a game.

A young athlete’s parents and coaches have to share the responsibility of making sure the athlete wears the right protective eyewear. An athlete can wear sports glasses or sports goggles. When choosing protective eyewear, your child may be better suited to wear eyewear that is made from strong and durable materials. The Rec Specs Maxx 31 Glasses, #MX-31 are the first pair of sports eyewear to receive a seal of acceptance from the AOA. The way the Rec Specs have been assembled will allow for a variety of prescriptive lenses. The Rec Specs also meet the resistant standards that have been set for many sports.

The Rec Specs Maxx 20 Baseball Glasses, #MX-20 Baseball will meet and/or exceed the standards that have been established by the ASTM for baseball players who are eight years old and younger when the speed of the baseball is 40 miles per hour and slower. These glasses are also designed to allow for a variety of prescriptive lens types, in addition to meeting the impact resistant standards. Your young athlete will also have four color options to choose from, and these colors are inspired by the big league teams.

EGS Small Eyeguard, #EG-S 1010 are great for almost all types of sports, especially baseball. The Eyeguard is made of polycarbonate materials that are extremely durable and tough. The Eyeguard also features comfortable nose pads and inserts. The Eyeguard is essential for athletes who are six to ten years old.

Every child is going to need eye protection, not just the players who already wear prescription glasses or contacts. If your child is already wearing glasses or contacts, you can make him aware of the variety of prescription sports glasses. Sports are a big part of the lives of many children, and that is certainly a great thing. It is fun and exciting for a child to be interested in sports. However, it is important that the adults teach athletes the importance of properly protecting their eyes.

One of the best ways to do this is to give your child the opportunity to find protective eyewear he likes. When your child has the chance to choose his eyewear, you will not have to force him to wear them when he is getting ready for his game. Some children are not aware of the dangers that can occur if their eyes are not properly protected, but adults can explain the dangers that can happen when eyes are not protected. Adults can also stress the importance of eyewear protection and how to properly wear them.

Baseball is a game that involves hard objects coming at you at a fast speed. Eyewear that is made of non-slip and anti-fogging materials will help your child keep his eye on the ball. Polycarbonate material that is also impact-resistant will keep your child’s eyes safe during the entire game. You should also make sure your child’s eyes will be protected from the sun, especially during the games when your child is playing under the sunlight or at night when the stadium lights are bright. When there is a reduction in the amount of glare, your child will be able to fully enjoy an exciting game of baseball.

Clear vision, in addition to safety, will play a critical role in maximizing your son’s performance on the field. When your son has sharp eyes, his accuracy will be improved and he will be able to improve his focus and his accuracy. His reaction time will also be improved. The right sports eyewear can protect your son from a small or a major eye injury and reduce the glare from the bright sunlight.

It does not matter what age your baseball star may be, clear vision and the proper sports glasses should be important pieces to the game. Are you and your star athlete ready to check out sports glasses? Contact Rx-Safety today.

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