Best Sunglasses to Wear with a Beard

The easiest way a man can look sharp and well-dressed is to add a pair of sleek sunglasses to his outfit. Sunglasses are the best and timeless accessory. The world of fashionable sunglasses is full of style and trends, so no matter what your preference is, you will find your match. Whether you love big, bold, chunky, slim, lightweight or huge, you can easily find your preferred pair of sunglasses to wear with your beard.

One of the most worn accessory celebrities, as well as everyone else, is probably sunglasses. Every other accessory is for the purpose of looking good and fashion only, but sunglasses are for more reasons than that, they are both functional as well as fashionable.

Why celebrities wear sunglasses with a beard so often? You might think the only reason is to hide their baggy, tired eye, but that’s not the only reason. It’s a fact that wearing a classic pair of sunglasses does perk up your appearance. They make you look cool, chic as well as broody. These are all qualities that add to the charm of a star.

One of the many mistakes that men make while buying glasses is that they never consider their face shape, skin tone, and beard. These three factors matter a lot when you are getting a branded pair of sunglasses with a beard. Nothing is cheap; every high-end accessory is an investment. This is the reason you should always get the thing that will last long and suit you more. It’s vital that you get a pair that both suits your face, compliments your manly beard as well as suit more than one occasion. Read on to understand what shape and style will suit your face shape along with your beard more.

Buying sunglasses to wear with your beard according to your face shape will enhance your features more, will make you look even sharper and well-groomed, and you will notice the change in an instant.

Let’s check out different beard styles and the kind of sunglasses to wear with a beard.

Beard and Matching Sunglasses

A Beard is when you let your facial hair grow wild and crazy for a full year. It’s when you don’t give it much thought and let it grow as much as it wants and wherever it wants. Growing a big and wild beard like a Beard is hard and a very long commitment as it may take at least a year to grow it out completely.

There are a couple of benefits of a beard, one that it’s a great way to change your look, and the second is that you can cut it and style it into any shape and style you want when you want to get rid of it. A Beard doesn’t care what shape your face is in, and it will grow regardless of that. The beauty of a beard is that no matter what face shape you have, it will suit you. Even If it doesn’t suit you people and you, yourself, will get used to having a huge beard by the end of the year.

Celebrities like Jim Carey have sported a yeard very gracefully. Here are some recommendations for buying sunglasses to wear with a beard:

Sunglasses That Will Suit a Beard

Since a yeard is regardless of the face shape, and it also changes the face shape drastically making it look wide and shaggy, you will need a frame that will give your face a bit of definition.

Frames like aviators, square frames as well as wayfarers would be the perfect styles. Moreover, the beard takes over the face and looks pretty massive, so you need to balance that out, you can’t fight fire with fire. Its better go with light-weighted as well as light framed styles, such as light metal in silver or plastic frames with opaque and light colors.

Unkempt And All Natural Beard and Matching Sunglasses

If you have seen the famous actor Keanu, you must have also seen him in his famous unkempt beard as well. Growing it all natural will help you as good results as the one Keanu has. The easiest way to let a scruffier beard like this grown is to let nature take its course. Keep trimming the cheek line as you don’t want it to look untidy, leave the neck as well as the sides alone. The look needs to stay as natural as it can; if you keep trimming it the point of growing it natural will be lost.

Again the face shape doesn’t matter much here, and it grows to perfect regardless of the face shape you have. This makes it the perfect beard for any sunglasses. Square frames, Richmond, club master as well as aviators are the best frames for faces with unkempt natural but a shorter beard.  Try going with nice big frames to make more of a statement with your glasses.

V-Shaped Full Beard and Matching Sunglasses

You can wear a full V-shaped beard, both groomed and unkempt, but it’s better to keep it groomed as it works best like that. To create a V-shape, you will need to trim your sides regularly and let the middle portion grow longer. Gather all hair towards your chin and let it shape in a V. the beard takes a bit of time to grow to perfection, and you will also need to keep the cheek lines clean as well.

It works best for people with wide cheek area men who have a diamond-shaped face, have a wider cheek area with a pointed head and a pointed chin. The pointed chin makes the V-shaped beard look longer and also gives it a better shape. Celebs like Brad Pit carry V-shaped beard to perfection.

For a diamond shaped face that is even more elongated due to the V-shaped beard, you will need frames that will tone down the wideness of the cheek area. Any frame that is wider than the cheek area is a big no. Rimless, as well as oval frames, will work wonders for such a face as well as V-shaped beard. It will help make the forehead seem a bit wider.

Lined Up Beard and Matching Sunglasses

A lined up beard is one of the most luxurious as well as high maintenance beard of all. The drawback of a lined beard is that it’s hard to grow for all. People who have a thick growth can easily manage to keep this style. If you don’t have proper facial hair growth, then it’s better not to attempt this style. You need to keep your cheek lines precise; there is no room for error here. This particular comes under the category of small and well-groomed beard. The precision of a lined beard is what makes a man look well groomed even if he is wearing a potato sack.

Now this beard can suit all face shapes, take the face shape of Drake and DJ Khaled, they both have drastically different face shapes, but both rock a lined beard to perfection. There is no comparison between the two, and both look perfect and well groomed.

For a beard that gives the face a definite shape as well as gives it an edge, you need something that will add softness to the face. Well, rounded frames will work best for such faces with such beard styles. Word to the wise, you need to be as precise with your sunglasses as you are precise with your lined beard. Or the whole look will look very childish and immature.

Balbo Beard and Matching Sunglasses

Mussolini was the famous director who made the Balbo beard so popular. It’s the perfect combination of a mustache supporting a beard, but these two don’t touch, they stay separated. To grow a Balbo beard, you have to be very precise with your trimmer or your barber. The beard and the mustache can’t touch, and they need to be well groomed all the time. There are many variations of a Balbo beard so, if you are thinking of getting one, choose the best option.

From round shape face to the diamond to oval to square, all can have the famous Balbo beard and look great. Famous actors like Robert Downey Junior and Johnny Depp has been seen sporting a Balbo beard many times, and they have also been seen wearing wayfarers as well as aviators many times as well. Both of these styles are perfect for such shaped faces as well as the famous Balbo beard. These styles give the face a fine edge just like the well-kept beard.

Chin Strap Beard and Matching Sunglasses

A chin strap beard isn’t really a beard but a hint of one; it best suits people who have little grown and shorter facial hair. Grow stubble every day and trimming it all the way to your jawline to create a thin line that starts from your side and goes along your chin, covering the chine and to the other side. You will need to keep the neck as well as the cheeks clean to make this look prominent. With a hair neck, this look will never work. Try these sunglasses to wear with your chinstrap beard!

A Chinstrap works with a square shaped face only, as it goes around the jawline and square face is the only face shape that has the strongest jawline. The beard makes the hard jawline look a bit soft. To make a face appear a bit softer and smoother get sunglasses that a nicely rounded such as oval shapes, aviators, round shaped frames and club master.

Matching Sunglasses With Thin Beard

A thin beard is when your stubble grows a bit and meets the good and thick hair under the lower lip. This is the best beard style if you want to have a beard but don’t want to grow it too much. This is also the shortest length for beards as well. For a thin beard like you will need regular trimming and a lot of, maintenance, you can’t have even one hair out of place or overgrown. Let your side buns grow and merge into you thin beard. Keep your neck area clean and your cheek lines Sharpe. You can let your thin beard go without proper maintenance, or the whole point of this particular beard will be lost. You will also need to keep your mustaches light as to balance the bread flawlessly. Try these sunglasses to wear with your thin beard.

A thin beard like this suits both oval and square shaped faces to perfection. Both of these faces have defined shape, and both are made of versatile sunglasses styles. With a thin beard, go with either Aviators or Richmond to create a well-balanced as well as well-groomed look.

Bold and Think Beard With Matching Sunglasses

Bold and thick is how bread styles are working these days. Every celeb or every man who has decent facial hair is sporting this look without giving it a second thought. Now, this look works with all face shapes, is the reason why it’s getting famous day by day. Let your side buns grow the same length as your beard. Let both the two meet and let it grow thick and bold. Keep the lines of your cheek diagonal and sharp. Trim the sides of your mustache that are dropping to meet the beard very thin. Keep all your emphasis on your beard only. Let this go under the neck, but trim the hair on the neck create a definite end for the beard. It’s again a high maintenance beard that is both formal and casual.

It’s the kind of beard that suits official people who have very strict work environments. It’s also for men who like to stay well groomed all the time. A bold and thick beard is for all face shapes, which makes it very versatile. You can wear all kind of sunglasses styles with this face shape, such as Oval, Round, Rimless, Horned rimmed, Cat eye as well as Club master and many more.

Short and Tapered With Matching Sunglasses

Short and Tapered isn’t a style that suits all or can be attempted by all. Not many salons of barbers have the courage to attempt it as it’s a very hard style to both create as well as carry. Now a tapered style is created when you have short hair that is trimmed to perfection with definite lines. From mid cheek till the point where your side buns meet the hairline, the hair on that area needs to be nearly indistinguishable to the point where you can barely see the hair. From left mid cheek to your right mid cheek, the hair needs to think but short. Don’t let your beard grow past your chin; this will give you a more rounded look.

A short and tapered beard is best suited for people with the round shaped face. It gave the round face a bit of definition and created an edge that takes a bit away from the softness of the face. For faces with such beards go with sunglasses that have defined the shape and sharp corners. Broad frames such as square, hipster and the double bridge will look great with a short and tapered beard.

Old Dutch Beard with Matching Frames

An Old Dutch beard is a lone wolf, with no mustache to carry its weight. It’s easy on the eye and looks pretty unique as well. This beard may give you a lumberjack or old school look, so make sure that it is the style that you are looking for before shaving your mustaches. It comes under the category of large beards but without a mustache.

To grow an Old Dutch beard, all you need is to let your hair grow all over, from all side including the side buns. You will need your hair to go outward, keeping the under neck area clean. Let it grow an inch or two to get the perfect length.

Now an Old Dutch beard works for people with an oval as well as diamond faces as they have the pointed chin that is a must for such beards that grow outwards. An Old Dutch beard looks pretty posh if you take good care of it. All styles of sunglasses work well with an Old Dutch beard especially, rectangle and wraparounds.

A beard is a sign of manliness and masculine charms when you sport that with the perfect pair of sunglasses, the look becomes too hot to handle.

We hope this article helped you understand what sunglasses to wear with a beard. Check out our collection of sunglasses to find your perfect pair.

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