The Top 10 Prescription Safety Glasses with Side Shields

At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer a vast collection of prescription safety glasses. In this article, we want to further explore a certain subset of prescription safety glasses in our inventory. Specifically, we are going to focus on our top ten prescription safety glasses with side shields.

If you need prescription lenses to see in your day-to-day life, you may have encountered different types of prescription safety glasses with side shields while shopping. Prescription glasses come in all varying shapes and sizes, giving you a significant amount of flexibility when searching for your next pair.

Side shields are a wonderful feature that can effectively protect your eyes from flying debris like sand, dust, or dirt. They extend eye protection to your peripheral vision, ensuring that this flying debris does not enter your eyes from the side.

By leveraging side shields, you can be confident that your eyes will be protected in the most challenging conditions. Ultimately, the ten pairs of prescription safety glasses below take advantage of side shields in the most effective and efficient way. Whichever model or frame you choose, we are confident that these glasses will provide maximal protection wherever you are.

Top Prescription Safety Glasses with Side Shields

1. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-17011: The RX-17011 line of prescription safety glasses can provide comprehensive protection to your eyes. Like the other models on this list, the RX-17011 has removable side shields for added protection. But along with the side shields, the RX-17011 is ANSI Z87+ safety approved, meaning that you can be extremely confident that these glasses will hold up in difficult environments. Not only is the frame durable, but it is extremely comfortable. Finally, you can find this frame in either black orange or green.

2. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-OP-30: The RX-OP-30 line of prescription safety glasses is a durable pair of glasses. The frames are made of plastic and contain removable side shields to protect your eyes from the elements. These glasses provide a secure fit and can be found in two different colors: black and black tortoise. Ultimately, the RX-OP-30 model is a terrific choice for either work or play.

3. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-17012: The RX-17012 line of prescription safety glasses, like the others on this list, contains removable side shields for maximum side protection. The benefits don’t stop there, however. These prescription safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ safety approved. Ultimately, ANSI provides some of the highest safety standards in eyewear today, so you can rest assured that these prescription safety glasses will shield your eyes in the most challenging circumstances. Like the RX-OP-30 line, the RX-17012 frame is made of plastic and provides a comfortable, secure fit. While you can only find this line of prescription safety glasses in black, they are sleek and stylish. We are confident you will look great—no matter what you are wearing.

4. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-17013E: The RX-17013E model of prescription safety glasses are an excellent choice if you are looking for added eye protection. Along with removable side shields, this line contains a rectangular TR-90 nylon frame. The frame—which only comes in black—is stylish and provides an extremely comfortable kit. Finally, this model is ANSI Z87+ safety approved. Whether you need prescription safety glasses for work or for play, the RX017013E model provides a terrific amount of functionality and style.

5. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-F126: The RX-F126 model of prescription safety glasses is yet another great option if you need some added protection in your eyewear. Yes, this line contains removable side shields to protect you from flying debris. Beyond that, however, the RX-F126 has increased durability because the frame is made of TR-90 nylon. Added comfort is another attribute, as this line of prescription safety glasses contains rubber coated temple bars and a saddle bridge nose pad. The frame comes in black only.

6. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-320: The RX-320, compared to some other selections on this list, contains a metal safety frame with a contemporary, square shape. The inherent nature of the frame and its sleek design provide maximal protection wherever you are. Along with removable PermaShield side shields, the RX-320 has spring hinges which help guarantee a comfortable fit. This model of prescription safety glasses comes in two colors: copper and gunmetal. Whichever color you choose, we are confident that these glasses will look great on you.

7. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-202: The RX-202 line of prescription safety glasses are a great practical choice if you need added eye protection. Removable side shields on this model do a great job of protecting your eyes from peripheral dust and debris. Along with being ANSI Z87 safety approved, the RX-202 model comes in several different sizes, ensuring that you experience the most possible comfort when wearing this frame.

8. Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011: The RX-15011 line of prescription safety glasses, along with permanent side shields, offers many features that provide a great deal of protection for your eyes. The frame is made of high-quality TR-90 nylon, ensuring that your glasses can handle a significant amount of wear and tear. In addition to sheer functionality, these prescription safety glasses are extremely stylish. The RX-15011 has a rectangular hipster style safety frame and has a sleek black color. And with an adjustable nose piece, you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your glasses.

9. OnGuard 125 Prescription Safety Glasses: The OnGuard 125 line of prescription safety glasses has removable side shields which offer peripheral protection to your eyes. But along with this, the OnGuard 125 line is ANSI Z87 safety approved. Ultimately, this is a durable pair of prescription safety glasses that can provide some peace of mind when you are at work or at play. This line contains a sporty metal frame with spring hinges. Along with this, it comes in two sizes and two colors—brushed silver and chocolate chrome.

10. ArmouRx 7001 Plastic Safety Glasses: Finally, we recommend that you check out the ArmouRx 7001 line of plastic safety glasses. This line of prescription safety glasses contains a rectangular, cellulose acetate frame. Ultimately, the frame is stylish and comes in two different colors (black and demi amber). In terms of functionality, the ArmouRx 7001 line is ANSI Z87.1 approved. And lest we forget, the ArmourRx 7001 line offers side shields. Compared to other lines, however, you have the option of selecting either removable or permanent side shields.

Protect Yourself Today

By choosing any of the listed prescription safety glasses with side shields, you can be confident that you have significant eye protection in the most challenging environments. At this point, we encourage you to take your time and review your options. Compare these different models and ensure that you are purchasing a frame that contains all of your most important features. Being deliberate and analytical at this stage will ensure that you are selecting the best possible prescription safety glasses with side shields for your individual needs.

Whether you work or play in challenging environments, we encourage you to check out our inventory. If you have any questions about this list or our inventory, don’t hesitate to contact us. To reach out, click here or call (888) 245-6638 (within the United States) and (732) 356-1493 (outside the United States). Happy shopping!

  1. James M Turner says:

    I like the old style prescription safety glasses that have a metal screw holding a permanent non removable side shields. These were my favorite ones because I could clean them and the side shield 🛡would not break off. Where can I buy the old school type like these.

    • Melissa Richard says:

      Take a look at our website, We offer a wide variety of frames with permanent side shields.

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