Does Zenni Sell Safety Glasses?

When searching for eyewear online, you may come across eyewear from a company called Zenni Optical. Zenni is known as the leader in online low-end, no brand name prescription glasses. The company, which was founded in 2003, has grown extremely quickly. In fact, you may have heard of Zenni from a satisfied friend, family, or colleague.

Ultimately, you may be considering purchasing Zenni eyewear or Zenni safety glasses yourself. But when reviewing Zenni’s eyewear, you may stumble upon one important question. That question is: “Does Zenni sell safety glasses?” It’s a great question and is worth exploring further. By diving into this question, you can find a pair of prescription safety glasses that best suits you.

Zenni Optical: A Growth Story

To best answer this question, it is important to look at the origins of Zenni Optical. As referenced above, Zenni started in 2003 in San Francisco. It was founded by two scientists who wanted to help customers look good while wearing an affordable pair of glasses. The company was built on several different principles, including providing the most affordable glasses to people around the world, providing the highest-quality optical lenses to customers, make it easier to order eyeglasses on the internet, and provide exceptional customer support.

In its sixteen years of existence, Zenni Optical has built up some significant recognition in the world of eyewear with its simple shapes, colors, easy order process, and customer support team but most of this is due to its extensive inventory of prescription glasses at low prices. If you were to visit Zenni’s website, you would find different types of prescription glasses for as little as $9.95. Compared to some of the other retailers in online eyewear, Zenni Optical offers extremely low prices. All of this is well and good if you are minding your budget and are searching for eyewear that won’t break the bank.

But as with offering low prices for any product, the simple fact is that Zenni’s eyewear does not offer many of the critical features and attributes found in other types of eyewear. Therein lies the issue—especially if you are searching for prescription safety glasses. Zenni simply can not offer safety glasses at the price they offer their regular glasses. Zenni safety glasses would no be very protective if they were $10 a set.

So the answer to the primary question of this article? Zenni does not carry prescription safety glasses. In other words, Zenni does not provide eyewear that can hold up in challenging or difficult conditions. If you were to look at any pair of Zenni glasses, for instance, you will see that they do not meet the standards of the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”). Zenni glasses will not offer key features like protective side shields, which will protect your eyes from flying dust, debris, and even lasers.

Ultimately, with Zenni glasses, you are simply purchasing a pair of glasses that are simply fine in your day-to-day life. But you would not want to wear Zenni glasses in a dangerous or hazardous environment, as these glasses do not offer the safety features that you’ll need to protect your eyes.

The fact that Zenni does not sell prescription safety glasses can be a big deal—especially if you are looking for new eyewear for your job. If you work in hazardous or dangerous conditions, your boss may require you to wear eyewear that meets ANSI or other standards. He or she may simply adopt the standard as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”). This means that Zenni glasses would not even be an option.

The bottom line? Zenni glasses may be a nice alternative if you are looking for cheap prescription safety glasses for your day-to-day life. But if you work or play in dangerous or hazardous conditions, Zenni glasses simply are not an option. In fact, your job may prohibit you from wearing Zenni eyewear when you are on the job.

Sufficient Alternatives

If you were thinking about purchasing prescription safety glasses from Zenni, you may be somewhat discouraged or disheartened. Luckily, there are many great alternatives. You can find an excellent pair of prescription safety glasses—all at extremely competitive prices.

At Rx-Safety, for instance, we are the leader in online prescription safety glasses. Our team is laser-focused on providing the highest quality prescription safety glasses at the most affordable prices. Whether you are interested in purchasing prescription safety eyewear from a world leader in eyewear or from our high-quality in-house line of prescription safety glasses, we are confident that you will find the best pair for you.

For instance, we at Rx-Safety are proud of our extensive line of Wiley X prescription safety eyewear. Wiley X is a worldwide leader in protective eyewear. By purchasing prescription safety eyewear from Wiley X, you can be absolutely confident that your eyes will be protected in difficult conditions. Our Wiley X eyewear meets ANSI high velocity and high mass impact standards. Lens coating on these glasses resists scratching in even the most extreme environments. And these glasses contain distortion-free clarity so that you will be able to see extremely clearly—regardless of your prescription.

From Wiley X, we are also proud to carry Titmus safety eyewear. Titmus, like Wiley X, is a well-respected manufacturer of prescription safety eyewear. With Titmus, you are able to leverage a wide range of safety benefits, like safety lenses that meet ANSI standards, integral side shields, and removable foam inserts. Ultimately, Titmus eyewear is comfortable, durable, and ensures that your eyes are sufficiently protected in a hazardous environment.

We at Rx-Safety are also proud to sell OnGuard prescription safety glasses. OnGuard manufactures sporty, sleek prescription safety eyewear that contains critical safety features. Like Wiley X and Titmus, OnGuard eyewear is ANSI safety approved and contains those critical side shields. These are extremely comfortable glasses that will fit securely on your face. Instead of worrying whether your glasses will fall off, you can focus on the work in front of you.

Finally, at Rx-Safety, we are proud of our own line of prescription safety glasses. Our in-house team of experts has created prescription safety glasses that are protective, durable, comfortable, and stylish. Along with this, our line is extremely affordable. You certainly won’t need to break the bank to purchase our in-house line of prescription safety glasses. In sum, these glasses offer the perfect mix of quality and affordability. We are confident that they will suit all of your needs.

Moving Beyond Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical has certainly fulfilled a need in the marketplace. That is a long list of customers that want to purchase “good enough” eyewear at extremely cheap prices. There is nothing inherently wrong with this.

However, you may be traveling into tricky territory if you are hoping to use Zenni glasses as prescription safety glasses. The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot do so. Trying to do so, in fact, can lead to some pretty dire circumstances—including serious eye injury.

Because of this, we encourage you to search for alternatives. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer some of the highest quality prescription safety glasses on the market today. Better yet, many of these glasses are at extremely affordable prices.

Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at our inventory of prescription safety glasses. If you have any questions about Zenni or our collections, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to chat and address any concerns that you may have.

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