Youth Prescription Sports Glasses for Basketball

There are plenty of scientific studies out there showing just how much sports help kids in school and in life. The type of sport doesn’t matter, it’s the work ethic, the sportsmanship, and the team-oriented atmosphere that give kids tools to cope with the world overall. Basketball is no exception! Kids all over the United States dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan, every day. Of course, every sport might not be right for every child and there could be valid reasons why basketball won’t work for your kid. But the need for prescription glasses should have nothing to do with it!

There are plenty of youth prescription sports glasses options that will work perfectly for basketball. Depending on what you and your child are looking for, there are plenty of options! While brand names might not mean much to you on other products, the top brand names for youth prescription sports glasses are the top brands for a reason. There is a fantastic array of products available to meet the unique prescription sports glasses needs of your child. 

Rec Specs

Rec Specs has been one of the premier brand names for youth sports glasses for nearly thirty years and with good reason! They offer a variety of products that will work for plenty of face shapes and activity levels. Their line includes both sports glasses and sports goggles so kids have options for both, depending on what they need to make sure their glasses stay put and their eyes are protected.

Their sports glasses feature a unisex shape that will work for both boys and girls, as well as a sculpted temple design that has a corresponding color for the inside padding. The glasses look cool, which means your kid will be willing to actually wear them! From a design standpoint, the sports glasses meet or exceed the ASTM F803 impact resistance standards for several sports and the design of the glasses themselves is patented and allows for a wide range of prescription lens powers. The temples and bridge of the glasses are padded for comfort and the glasses come with a matching microfiber pouch and custom metal case to make sure that they don’t get damaged and continue to protect your child’s eyes as they play basketball.

If sports goggles are a better option for your child, Rec Specs has plenty of options. Their sports goggles are ASTM F803 certified as well and designed with comfort in mind. The goggles are designed to meet the needs of athletes who have a lower nose bridge or flatter face morphology due to race or face composition. The high impact nylon gives enhances the flexibility and strength of the frames, and the new low nose bridge means the frames are more comfortable and less likely to slide down the athlete’s nose. The patented eye-rim assembly means there are plenty of lens options that can be integrated into the design, and every pair of these goggles is clearly marked as ASTM F803 certified. They have the widest variety of options, which means your kids are much more likely to get exactly what they need to be comfortable and become unstoppable.

Wiley X

Wiley X is one of the more up and coming brands for youth sports glasses. Their product offerings span from glasses designed to take more wear and tear than the average pair to a sports option. 

Wiley X sports glasses also come with both RX-ready, and non-RX safety lenses included, so you can customize the glasses as they work for you, and there’s an adjustable elastic goggle strap that will make it easy for you to wear the goggles comfortably.


Leader is another up and coming brand of youth sports glasses, offering both sports goggles and sunglasses geared towards kids. 

Leader sports glasses are designed to meet the aesthetic needs of kids. There is plenty of fun, colorful options for both sports goggles and sunglasses that are designed to be stylish as well as protective. Their Leader C2 Sport Goggles work for both boys and girls and they are fully rimmed to look great as your child is playing their sport. Beyond basketball, Leader glasses are perfect options for soccer, volleyball, squash, racquetball, and tennis.

Sports are a major part of our culture and lives and they’re a great way to get kids to be active and build great life-long habits! Your kid shouldn’t miss out on all of the fun simply because they need to wear prescription glasses. Sports glasses or sports goggles are the perfect way to give your kid the same chance as anyone else to exceed in their sport and beyond that, it helps keep them safe as they play! The variety of options means your child will be able to find something that suits their personality and allows them to wear their glasses on the court without you having to constantly replace regular prescription glasses due to wear and tear. Additionally, some models provide UV protection that means your kid will have the added bonus of protecting their eyes from the sun when they’re playing outside.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of youth sports glasses or youth sports goggles, you can check out a variety of options on our website! Whichever brand you choose, you’re sure to find that the quality and manufacturing will last your kid for seasons to come. They’ll not only be able to make that buzzer-beater shot, but they’ll also be able to see you on the sidelines cheering them on. If you have questions about the best option for your child’s needs, contact us! Our experts will be happy to help.

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