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The Best Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Driving or riding a motorcycle can be one of the biggest thrills in life. Whether operating one or riding as a passenger, you not only have to take into account the safety of yourself but the safety of the motorists around you. There are many things you need to have on you in order to protect yourself and the people around you; a helmet, gloves, padding, and, of course, a pair of prescription glasses for motorcycling. As much as appropriate attire is a priority for safety amongst motorcyclists, sunglasses are in a category of their own as visual acuity is one of the most important factors.

While there are some brands that make sunglasses specifically for motorcycles, many offering prescription lenses, there are many brands that include other options that can be useful for riding. Before purchasing a prescription glasses for motorcycle riding, there are several qualities that we would recommend looking for in your chosen pair.

What Qualities You’re Looking For 

It can be confusing finding the right pair of sunglasses, but with these tips, we hope to make it easier. If you’re looking for a vintage style while riding a motorcycle, you can keep that glamorous look, while also protecting your eyes and providing a clear view. The difference between sunglasses for motorcycling and for everyday use, is that you are riding at high speeds with wind and sometimes debris. With no cover for your eyes, wearing sunglasses can be your only protection, so make sure to look for durable and impact resistant lenses. 

Many motorcyclists prefer polycarbonate or Trivex shatter-resistant lenses, as both lens types do not shatter easily and can be made with your prescription. You also want to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare, even at high speeds. It is recommended to have polarized lenses for more protection against the sun. You can also add a mirror coating onto a polarized lens if you want to reduce the amount of glare. 

As important as it is to protect your eyes from harmful rays and environmental hazards, seeing clearly on a motorcycle is also important. In order to maintain the clearest view possible, consider sunglasses with ventilation systems that reduce fog, dust, and heat buildup. Cleaning your lenses while operating a motorcycle is unsafe and should be avoided, so if you want an extra protective measure with your lenses, you can add a hydrophobic coating to prevent further moisture accumulation and unnecessary marks.

Having clear vision won’t mean anything if your pair of sunglasses falls off your head easily. To avoid this, it is recommended to have sunglasses with a tight fit. Other examples of necessary qualities would be interchangeable foam cups that wrap around your eyes for a comfortable fit, and adjustable nose grips. Not only do these help prevent your sunglasses from falling off your head when operating or riding a motorcycle but foam cups also seal your eyes from damaging wind. 

Having any of these features included in your sunglasses can help improve your vision and protect your eyes while riding a motorcycle. Many brands offer these features, but brands like Bobster, Oakley, Wiley X, and 7Eye are best known for their high-quality motorcycling sunglasses.

Top prescription motorcycle glasses companies


Bobster has high quality, cost friendly sunglasses that are great for riding. The unique thing about Bobster is that they offer sunglasses that can easily convert into goggles; a great option if you prefer goggles over sunglasses for motorcycling. The Bobster Renegade sunglasses are convertible and have photochromic lenses, but if you do not want them, the Charger also offers polycarbonate lens options that can come in your prescription. This pair has all the features that are great for riding a motorcycle, including anti-fog capabilities, impact-resistant lenses, and 100% UV protection. 


As much as Oakleys are great for sports, they are also considered a great brand for other activities like motorcycling. Their famous lightweight frames and durable lenses include Unobtanium grips to keep your pair firmly in place in varied weather conditions. What differs between Oakley and other competing brands is their patented Prizm™ lens technology. We recommend the Prizm™ Road, Ruby, or Tungsten for motorcycling.

If you want that stylish, sleek, look when riding a motorcycle, Oakley gives you the freedom to customize your lenses. The Oakley Gascan is one option as its rectangular shaped lenses are available in Prizm™, standard polycarbonate, or Iridium coated. Oakley sunglasses can be made in your prescription with any of these lens options. 

Wiley X

Wiley X is known for their durable sunglasses. With their Triloid nylon frames, they provide a virtually unbreakable design, and their Selenite polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof. Their sunglasses can endure some of the harshest environments and withstand incredible punishment. Not only do they provide durability with their sunglasses, they prioritize protecting your eyes. They provide features such as facial cavity seals, which are removable soft foam linings designed to block out wind, debris, and peripheral light. Their top down ventilation system reduces fog, while also preventing heat and moisture build-up by pushing air behind the lenses and out the bottom and top of the frames. 

The Wiley X Gravity is a high-quality pair of sunglasses for motorcyclists, having a secure fit while riding at high speeds. The Gravity has the facial cavity seal and top down ventilation features, but what makes it for motorcycles, is that you have the choice to either include the ANSI Z87.2 approved lenses or your own prescription lens instead. 


7Eye is another brand that offers high quality, cost friendly sunglasses. They offer a wide range of options that are not only great for motorcycles, but also for sports, everyday use, and other high-speed activities. 7Eye has three distinct series:

  1. Active Lifestyle
  2. AirShield
  3. AirDam

The Active Lifestyle is for everyday use and can be used for motorcycling, but the AirShield and AirDam are recommended. The reason they are more suitable is because they offer more wind resistance. The AirShield protects your eyes from wind and dust using their patented filtered foam eye cups, which completely seals your eyes from potential harm. If you want less foam, the AirDam series is your best bet as it also comes with Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) for extra grip. The Taku Plus is part of 7Eye’s AirDam series and has all the features you want in a pair of sunglasses for riding, such as filtering vents to reduce fogging and moisture, closed-cell foam material that is unaffected by weather, and protection for your eyes from dust, wind, and other airborne irritants. 

Choosing the Right Pair for the Right Ride

Whether operating a motorcycle or riding on one, it is recommended to wear a pair of sunglasses or other protective eyewear like goggles. What all of these brands have in common is that their sunglasses are durable, stylish, and cost-friendly. If you are looking for sunglasses specifically for motorcycling, you can consider Bobster, Oakley, Wiley X, and 7Eye as great options. Ultimately, the choice is yours and if these brands do not suit your needs, we are glad to provide a variety of other top brands here at Rx-Safety. Remember that, if you want prescription lenses in your sunglasses, consult with an ophthalmologist or optician.

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