Top 10 Nike Bendable Glasses

Nike has created a high-quality line of frames designed for high-action, high wear and tear, and plenty of activities for those who can’t sit still. If you’re a fan of glasses that can keep up with your lifestyle, you’re definitely the perfect candidate for a pair of Nike Bendable glasses. These types of glasses are more commonly know as flexon frames, and they’re designed to be borderline unbreakable.

Nike is a brand known for being on the cutting edge of activewear for men and women alike. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself an athlete, anyone looking for a way to be more active and leave the confines of eyeglasses behind is the perfect candidate for this line. Nike Bendable Glasses are the perfect option for people looking for something that will stay on through it all, and they’re certainly an option for you if you prefer a sporty look.

It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence on your options before you make a purchase, especially for something as fundamentally important as your glasses. So if you’re thinking about making the switch to Nike Bendable Glasses, here are the top ten options for your next pair of frames.

Bendable Glasses

1. Nike 4284 Eyeglasses

These frames have a standard metal eye rim and a flexon bridge designed for comfort throughout the day. The Monel metal temples and single injected rubber temple tips have a core wire to make them easily adjustable, and the minimal snap in the silicone nose pads create an effect of total comfort. They work for both men and women and are especially flattering on heart, oval, round, and square faces. They also come in a variety of colors, mostly darker colors for a classic look.

2. Nike 8130 Eyeglasses

These full-framed glasses are metal-based and designed to be unisex. They’re a rectangular shape with a single bridge and adjustable nose pads, so they’ll be comfortable while also fitting your face like a glove throughout whatever athletic endeavors you’re working through. They come in a variety of colors, from red to olive to black. They’re particularly flattering on heart, square, oval, or round faces.

3. Nike 8131 Eyeglasses

This particular model is a full rimmed frame for both men and women. It offers a classic, sporty look, with a single bridge and a comfortable nosepiece that will work well for anyone and offer comfort for all-day wear. They come in plenty of colors for all different personalities and styles, and the small to medium rectangle frames can be chosen based on your personal preference.

4. Nike 4641 Eyeglasses

These full-frame lenses with a thin metal frame around the lens are sophisticated and oval-shaped for a softer look, particularly flattering for square face shapes. The metal is designed to be bent and twisted but still bounce back to the original shape. They’re casual and they come in size small and extra small in colors like rose and olive green.

5. Nike 7034 Eyeglasses

These simple, rectangular frames are a great choice for anyone looking for a trendy frame without large logos or flashy colors. The temple bars are thin and lightweight, however there’s no question as to whether these frames are durable. The temple bars also contain a thin wire in the core, allowing the user to bend the tip of the bars for added adjust-ability. Comfort is an afterthought when it comes to the 7034; this frame has spring hinges in the arms, as well as rubber inlay nose pads for a nearly weightless feel. The Nike 7034 is a classic option for both men and women alike.

6. Nike 7929 Eyeglasses

This popular frame is lightweight and thin. The 7929 has an injected, semi-rimless frame, giving it a sporty look. Nike’s “flying lens” design reduces fogging by allowing air to circulate more freely, which makes this a great choice for active individuals. Both temple bars are dual injected with rubber temple tips, providing enhanced stability and grip. The Nike 7929 also has a partial wire core, allowing the wearer increased adjust-ability. This frame is great for anyone who is constantly on the move, and looking for a frame that will keep up with their active lifestyle.

7. Nike 4640 Eyeglasses

Kids need durable glasses too and these are the perfect option for those who are looking for something a little more durable that will stand up against sports and playing and anything else they can throw at them. Specifically designed for boys in mind, these glasses were designed for wear and tear. They’ll also match their personality since they come in a variety of colors.

8. Nike 8172 Eyeglasses

These frames have a sportier look and are designed for additional wear and durability. The metal frame front will hold up in the face of damage and keep your face protected from dirt and dust you kick up during your activities. Lightweight flexible nylon temples mean you’ll have a custom and comfortable fit, and an integrated 5 barrel hinge makes it durable for the most active of athletes.

9. Nike 6073 Eyeglasses

Semi-rimless and designed with men in mind, these are perfect for active athletes who want something durable but classic look. With stop hinges, the lenses are constantly protected from the temple from folding down too far and making contact with the lenses. They can also come in several different colors for different aesthetics.

10. Nike 5580 Eyeglasses

Both boys and girls can use different a simple pair of glasses designed to stay on their faces and keep up with their energy. These come in plenty of different colors and can be customized to fit your particular child’s face. They are designed to not need constant adjustments and they’ll be durable enough for your kids to run around and not be slowed down by their eyesight or glasses!

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of glasses to suit your lifestyle, Rx-Safety has plenty of options to suit whatever needs you’ve got. Contact us here for more details!

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