Airsoft Protective Gear

Many of us grew up playing with BB guns. As times and technology have evolved, so has this fun pastime. BB guns have expanded over the years and evolved into Airsoft, the game it is today. The game Airsoft is a military simulation game and sport. To play Airsoft, the players split into two teams, all carrying military-style weapons. Instead of the metal BBs of the past, these Airsoft guns now have plastic projectiles as ammunition. The Airsoft weapons mimic real military weapons currently on the market. The projectiles are plastic. And the game makers have worked hard to make the game safer over the years. However, it can still be dangerous. The plastic projectiles shot out of Airsoft guns are still high velocity projectiles.

In fact, due to the velocity of the projectiles and the overall nature of the sport, it is always 100% necessary to have protective gear. With the speed at which the plastic pellets are flying through the air, they can cause some serious damage. This is if you are not geared up properly. Additionally, most responsible Airsoft players know that eye protection is the most important part of their gear while they play. The speed of an airsoft pellet can range from 320m/s up to 420m/s. Most Airsoft facilities require that eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are thoroughly safe at all times during active play.

Because of the hazardous and volatile environment that active play Airsoft games are in, we recommend going out into the field with full optical protection. We recommend utilizing our line of ballistic shooting glasses. This may seem like overboard protection, but at RX-Safety, we can assure you that it is exactly what these glasses are for. They will protect yours or your child’s eyes from high velocity impacts.

Our shooting glasses are high velocity ballistics rated and come in a variety of styles that include prescription glasses, prescription goggles, and prescription sunglasses. When you shop for your airsoft glasses on RX-Safety, you have the added benefit of our dedicated customer care team to help with frames, measurements and recommendations. We also have a streamlined online purchasing process where you can customize your glasses with a wide variety of lens options. Check out our line of shooting glasses for your airsoft needs today!

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