New Goggles with Fan from Haber Safety

We have expanded our offering even further into 2022 and are pleased to announce that we carry Haber Safety goggles. These goggles are big and are a great option for any type of size the face is. They’ll completely cover the eye area and are a perfect option for those that are seeking maximum protection with their safety goggles. 

These are no hassle durable face and eye protection safety goggles that are all ANSI – Z87+ certified for high-speed impact resistance. So any projectiles that come their way will safely be deflected. 

In addition, they are rated  D3/D4, meaning they’re also a superior splash protector for everything ranging from molten debris to various chemicals and liquids. So wearing one of these will ensure that whatever the job entails, you’ll be protected. 

Comfort for all

Many safety goggles are built for safety, but not all are as comfortable as the goggles from Haber Safety. If you opt-in for the foam model, it’s moisture absorbent to ensure the sweat doesn’t get into your eyes and provides that secure cushion for all-day wear. 

Our models also come with a secure and comfortable wrap-around design with a form-fitting adjustable headband to ensure that you’re comfortably protected every time you put these on. 

In case that isn’t enough, what makes these goggles great is that they come with an integrated cooling fan to avoid any type of fogging when the heat gets tough. So whether you wear these over a pair of glasses or consider getting your Haber Safety goggles with a prescription lens, you won’t have to worry about that blurred vision. 

No longer will fogging up deteriorate your vision with the Haber Eliminator fan system. Powered by a single AAA battery that won’t dry out your eyes with usage. In addition, the fan is completely automatic and works with a built-in humidity sensor, so it knows when to provide that air to clear out the fogging.


The Haber Eliminator fan system and prescription safety inserts can also be purchased separately and used seamlessly with a variety of Haber models. This means you can buy one set that’s interchangeable with ease and allow you to try out various Haber Safety goggles until you find the right one that fits you best. 

Then, just let the team know at Rx Safety your prescription and the prescription inserts will be ready to go for you. 

Safety for all

Whether you’re looking for that extra protection doing DIY metallurgy or you’re a first responder, these Haber safety goggles are best for anyone who’s going to be facing the heat and facing it for a while. 

So don’t let that fogging cloud your vision or wear ill-fitting goggles for hours on end when there’s no need to. And don’t worry about whether you’ll need prescriptions or not or whether your fan needs to be replaced, as we carry all the necessary accessories for this new brand that we’ve added to our portfolio. 

New Haber safety goggles with fan system. RX Safety Blog

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