A Full Review of the Oakley TwoFace Safety Sunglasses

A Full Review of the Oakley TwoFace Safety Sunglasses. RX Safety Blog

Here at RX-Safety, we’re proud to equip our hardworking and valuable customers with the specialty Oakley lines of safety glasses and safety sunglasses. In fact, the Oakley safety glasses collection is a specialty collection that commits to serving the specific needs of Oakley customers across all segments. This is how Oakley has built up a loyal following and customer base over the decades. At RX-Safety, many of these same customers have been our customers for decades. Our passion is to give these men and women the correct safety glasses and sunglasses for their jobs. Oakley helps us to do just that with their high end safety glasses collection.

Oakley formed this collection to develop new technologies that improve the safety, performance and comfort of their customers. Additionally, their research and development continue to produce equipment for those who depend on their gear. In tandem, we are proud to partner with Oakley in the capacity of being an official distributor. Also, this passion has driven the creation of the Oakley line. It offers unprecedented optical clarity and maintains ultimate levels of protection. New generations of products are constantly developed by Oakley’s research and production facility.

At RX-Safety, we are proud to continue to offer the most up to date versions of Oakley’s glasses and sunglasses. Our team constantly adds new Oakley pieces to our collection. Therefore, we are proud to offer the new Oakley TwoFace sunglasses. Oakley went double-barrel with frame materials to create TwoFace. This pair provides a rare look that pairs lightweight yet durable O Matter material with lower rims made of aluminum. This gives the Oakley TwoFace glasses a trendy dual toned look. It is stylish and sharp looking, while continuing to be ultimately protective. These lenses are comfortable, lightweight, and durable. This makes them perfect for all day wear.

Additionally, the features of these sunglasses are virtually endless. In addition to the Lightweight O Matter frame materials, they come with Square O metal icon accents. This logo provides the iconic Oakley look. The precision-formed aluminum lower orbital pairs with 6 base lens geometry with HDO for ultimate eye protection in any outdoor environment. These Oakley glasses are also available with Prizm lenses to enhance color, contrast and detail for an optimized experience. They come in a cool gray and black industrial coloring, appearing tough and ready for action.  Oakley also encourages customers to take advantage of the Polarized and Iridium lens options available.

As is always the case with RX-Safety, we offer tons of benefits if you order your Oakley sunglasses through our website. We offer a wealth of customization options which many of our customers take advantage of. Additionally, we are proud to offer lens coatings, prescription, lens color changes, and more to our loyal RX-Safety customers. Ordering through RX-Safety also provides you with the advantage of having the RX-Safety customer care team at your disposal. They are readily available in order to help you pick out the perfect Oakley sunglasses for your segment. Head to RX-Safety.com today to check out the Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses!

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