Best Seller Prescription Safety Glasses Q368 in new colors

With our extensive range of prescription safety glasses, we love to mention our hidden gems from time to time. One of our best-selling options at Rx Safety is the Q368 perception safety glasses, as they come in a great style and design, offer maximum protection when needed and also provide extensive comfort for all-day wear. 

Right construction

These are one of the most preferred prescription safety glasses according to our customers due to the fact of their wraparound style. They have a smaller bridge at 14mm but are built for large faces, with the frame width being 130mm big. This allows full coverage and eliminates the need for ancillary side shields, which also helps with the overall style of these frames. 

They have a lens width of 61mm and a lens height of 37mm, combined with the larger frame, which allows for high prescriptions without any issue or challenge to functionality. This helps make it another versatile and popular option for those seeking comfortable prescription safety glasses. 

Speaking of comfort, these prescription safety glasses come with both rubberized and adjustable nose pads and a rubberized temple. The frame is also made with extremely lightweight materials, allowing for that continuous usage all day and all night. This also helps to avoid any pinching or aching when wearing these frames for too long. 

Built to protect

These prescription safety glasses also come with ANSI Z87+ certification, making them an ideal armor for your eyes against high-speed projectiles. In addition, you can feel secure with your eyes when wearing these safety glasses. 

The wraparound style helps with a comfortable fit but also helps to enhance the stability of these prescription safety glasses and ensures that they stay on when they need to stay on, without any type of accidental slippage.  

A style for anyone

There’s no harm in having a desire to have protective prescription safety glasses and look good. These frames don’t disappoint and come in three distinct colors. The standard frames come in a primary black color, with highlighted blue frames. You’re also able to grab a pair of these in Military Green or Beige, enabling different styles for different locations and outfits. 

RX safety is dedicated to finding the right balance between safety glasses and proper styles, all while ensuring our price offering is one that cannot be beat. That’s why when we carry a product such as the Q368, we have it at such a great price point. 

There’s no real question about whether you should purchase these stylish prescription safety glasses as an initial pair or as a part of the collection. If you cannot decide on a specific color, there’s no issue going with all three. 

As always, if you’re in an industry or a hobby that could have potential dangers around your eyes, always consider getting safety glasses, and don’t worry if you already wear glasses; as you know, we focus on prescription safety glasses for all. 

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