Pentax Safety Glasses–Optical Excellence You’ll Want to Experience

Experience-optical-excellence-with- Pentax-safety-glasses.

Finding safety eyewear of high quality at affordable prices may not always be the easiest task. You may have scrolled through countless websites trying to find the perfect pair of safety eyewear glasses that meets your work or personal needs. 

That no longer has to be the case, as RX Safety now carries Penxtax safety glasses. By combining quality design, optical performance, and style, Pentax gives wearers the ultimate eyewear experience at a fraction of the cost. 

In this article, we’ll take a brief dive into Pentax. From history to safety glasses, we’ll also discuss unique opportunities through RX Safety to explore this brand. So stick with us–this may just be the brand you’ve been searching for.

Pentax, a brief history

Pentax’s roots date back to 1919 when they began pioneering high-quality camera lenses and other products. After re-emerging after the first world war, the company continued its rise and dominance until it became one of the largest optical companies in 2002. Not only did they produce cameras, but they also produced binoculars, spectacle lenses, and an array of other optical instruments.

Today, Pentax continues its high optical performance through a variety of products, especially their carefully refined optical lenses. A renowned brand for prescription eyewear, Pentax is a leader of optical excellence, with a desire to create pristine vision for all. 

Pentax Safety Eyewear for Every Occasion

Pentax safety glasses can be defined by quality frames and advanced lenses. They also feature a high level of style which makes them also appealing to wear. They have products for all jobs, and designs a variety of sizes to accommodate many.

Pentax creates a variety of frames that accommodate prescription. They have tight-fitting, non-conducting safety glasses that secure the face while providing rigorous safety requirements like the ASTM D149-09 standards. They also have sophisticated metal frames and classic plastic frames with side shields, creating versatility on and off the clock. Pentax Safety glasses are extremely stylish, while being safe, as they have a wide variety of safety glasses that are ANSI Z87.1 approved. 

When it comes to lenses, Pentax offers a tailored approach to excellent vision. Through their advanced optics, individuals are able to have outstanding vision while getting the job done. Pentax provides digital, high definition lenses with a variety of coatings and treatments to give customers the ultimate experience. With advanced technology, lenses can help reduce blue light, provide anti-static surface combating particles like dust, as well as providing ulta-low reflecting glare, making vision more natural. They also offer photochromic and polarized lenses for a variety of activities. 

Pentax is not only a brand you can trust, but a brand that delivers exceptional results through optical intelligence and fearless audacity. 

Pentax Safety Glasses at RX Safety

RX Safety is an official distributor of Pentax. The leading online source for safety and performance eyewear, RX Safety continues to provide optical solutions to those who need them the most. Through their Pentax inventory, you can find a wide range of performative Pentax safety glasses at an affordable, fair cost. 

If you have questions about Pentax products and want to reach out to us, feel free. Our customer service representatives are friendly and invite you to have a conversation with them–online, or phone.

Providing great vision to all, Pentax is truly a brand worth exploring. 

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